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TV Streaming Questionnaire

TV Streaming Questionnaire

Thanks to the time and talents of the TV and Radio crew we’ve been streaming games all season now and the service for the vast majority is great quality, and bringing much needed funds in for the club, and we want to make it better!.

We have had feedback from places as far afield as Mongolia tell us that they’re really happy with the service, whereas people in Prestwich have struggled to get a watchable service, so while we send the same signal out, we don’t know what the many combinations of

-service provider
-download speed
-web browser

everyone is using, all of which might have an impact on the end result.

So - if you use the service please let us know your set up, and we’ll use the information to try to spot any common successful set-ups or issues which are common to one factor

the form is anonymous and you’re not required to put in your email address or anything like that:

Click here to take the questionnaire.

The more people answer the better!

Thank you

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First Posted ~ 21:57 Wed 4 Nov 2020
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Last Updated ~ 17:02 Fri 6 Nov 2020