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2023/24 Memberships on Sale Now!

2023/24 Memberships on Sale Now – BUY YOURS HERE!

FC United of Manchester is now 18 years into our historic journey to return football to the fans. With ownership models of football clubs under the spotlight more than ever, the collective strength that stems from our supporter-ownership model is more important than at any point in our journey so far.

The founding manifesto on which the club was built in 2005 is just as pertinent today:

  • The board will be democratically elected by its members
  • Decisions taken by the membership will be decided on a one member, one vote basis
  • The club will develop strong links with the local community and strive to be accessible to all, discriminating against none
  • The club will endeavour to make admission prices as affordable as possible, to as wide a constituency as possible
  • The club will encourage young, local participation - playing and supporting - whenever possible
  • The board will strive wherever possible to avoid outright commercialism
  • The club will remain a non-profit organisation

This thing is truly ours and one of the ways that is expressed is in the renewal of our annual membership. For the sum of £25 for Adult Membership and £3 for Junior Membership, we get an opportunity to own our own football club. You don’t need to be a Saudi billionaire, a Russian oligarch or to have made a fortune flogging cheap sports gear, anyone can become a co-owner of this football club.

As we’re now 18 seasons into our journey, here are 18 reasons why you should co-own this football club:

  1. Vote on season ticket, admission and membership prices
  2. Stand for election to the board
  3. View board agendas, minutes and reports
  4. Elect the club’s board
  5. Observe a board meeting
  6. Choose the design of new playing shirts
  7. Attend General Meetings & Annual General Meetings
  8. Shape club policy and put ideas forward in the form of Resolutions and Members’ Votes
  9. Get involved with one of the committees
  10. Access monthly finance accounts and reports
  11. Give your child the opportunity to lead the players out, or become a ball boy or ball girl by making them Junior Members
  12. Benefit from priority tickets for those sold-out cup games by the sea
  13. Our Junior Members will receive a signed birthday card from manager and players
  14. Junior Members can take advantage of a number of social events such as the Christmas Party and bowling day
  15. Discuss all things FC United (and more!) with your fellow co-owners on the online forum
  16. Choose to receive your very own Membership Card, with each season featuring a unique image for you to collect
  17. Join our army of volunteers who saved the club over £200,000 last year
  18. Support our cause and demonstrate that the fan-owned model is the future of sustainable, community-focused football. We’ve shaped the start of supporter-ownership, join us and let’s shape the future

Here’s what our current co-owners say their membership means to them:

Alex, “To me, being a member at FC United means so much more than just that. It’s a joy to be able to call myself an owner of the community club that I love and proudly tell everyone I know about my membership at the club.”

Jackie, “Being a member of FC United of Manchester is like being a part of a very large, happy family. I look forward to every game and function held at Broadhurst Park. It is like a drug to me, I love it.”

Pete, “My membership makes me feel a part of the club and when I contribute to the club, I know it is not lining the pockets of some greedy owner.”

Most members are committed fans of FC United, but we encourage membership by anyone who believes in our aims and ethos. By putting supporters and community at the heart of our club, we're showing that fans can have a powerful say in the way football should be run. The more members we have, the louder our collective voice will be.

FC United of Manchester - Changing the face of football and returning it to the fans. Come on the journey with us. Click here to buy yours!


First Posted ~ 09:43 Fri 2 Jun 2023
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