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Manifesto: Who We Are and What We Mean

FC United of Manchester is a football club that was founded by disaffected and disenfranchised Manchester United supporters. Our aim is to create a sustainable club for the long term which is owned and democratically run by its members, which is accessible to all the communities of Manchester and one in which they can participate fully.

Although driven by very different circumstances, FC United of Manchester takes as its inspiration a number of supporters' groups who have gone down this route, including AFC Wimbledon, who have offered unstinting support.

FC United of Manchester is intended to create a football club which addresses the concerns which many Manchester United fans have had over the 17 years or more with how the club and football have developed, culminating in the club's takeover by Malcolm Glazer. We will follow the best traditions of Manchester United's past by developing policies which encourage youth participation in terms of both playing and supporting.

FC United of Manchester will exist as a member-owned, democratic, and non-profit making entity on the Industrial and Provident Society company model. The AGM will focus on the election of a board of directors by the members, and the direction of the club over the coming season.

We have ambitious and long-term plans. Above all we want to be seen as a good example of how a club can be run in the interests of its members and be of benefit to its local communities. However, we are a relatively new club and will require patience in order to reach our goals. With the help of all our members and supporters we are confident we can achieve them.

Seven core principles of how the club will operate are set out below, and once agreed by the membership, will be protected by all elected Board members:

  • The Board will be democratically elected by its members.
  • Decisions taken by the membership will be decided on a one member, one vote basis.
  • The club will develop strong links with the local community and strive to be accessible to all, discriminating against none.
  • The club will endeavour to make admission prices as affordable as possible, to as wide a constituency as possible.
  • The club will encourage young, local participation - playing and supporting - whenever possible.
  • The Board will strive wherever possible to avoid outright commercialism.
  • The club will remain a non-profit organisation.