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Q&A with Reno 18th March

Q&A with Reno 18th March

With the league on pause we took to Twitter and let the fans loose on an "Ask Reno" session which was epic! Who knew?.

See all the Q&A below but a thank you to you all for some great (and daft) questions and Reno who spent nearly two hours responding on his iPhone.

What did you think of the fans on Saturday Absolutely incredible. I had a sense that it was goodbye for the season hence the reason I kept the lads out together and for a bit longer. It was a really speacial but sad moment. I could see it in some fans eyes...they knew what was coming.

Would you rather fight 10 duck sized Tundes or 1 Tunde sized duck? Definitely 10 duck size Tundes. The lad a machine/powerhouse. I would rather take my chance with 10 mini versions.

What is your answer to people who tell that you act very "Mourinhoish", attracting attention to your person? I’ve been told in life that if people are talking about you positively or negatively after an occasion then you must of left an impression on them. If they want to talk about me or what I do then that’s ok. As for Mourinoish - nah, I’m just myself. Football is my life and all the emotions that go with it come from within my body. I may look at people acting like me and ask myself - are they acting Renoish....

Best Atmosphere/ Best away day It has to be either Barrow or South Shields. Although we conceded 12 goals across the two games and didn’t win either game it just showed me what FC United is all about....our fans love the club no matter what.....they show this every week but these two games stand out!!!

Which player gets put into detention the most? That has to be Joe the kit man - I must sack him once a week!!!!

Can you perform your celebration if you was a player? Absolutely. It isn’t a show. Like I said earlier - you can’t control your emotions. I remember scoring the winning goal for Clitheroe to win is the league and I just dived into the crowd and they dived on me....something’s don’t change.

What do you think about VAR? Do you want it to appear in non-league? I’m not a VAR fan. It has taken the discussion points out of football. There is nothing better than debating an offside or did the ball cross the line with your mates in the pub - this has all gone now!!

What’s your favourite food if you could have this for your last meal on earth? It would have to be fillet steak , medium rare with a nice glass of red wine.

On a scale from 1 to Fergie-hairdryer, how mad can you become in dressing room if game goes wrong? I must admit although it doesn’t happen often, I can hit a 10/10. Runcorn away at half time was a pretty scary moment.....someone nearly got a beckham boot in the face - it worked though as we was better in the second half!!

If you could have one professional footballer at FC, who would you choose? It would have to be Paul Gascogne in his prime.....

Will there ever be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark? I would like to see Tunde run on waves along side a shark....I doubt Tundes feet would touch the water .....!!!

Will you ask players to "push" on the referee or this is not your principles? Not at all. Let me get involved with the officials. If there is something to say then it comes from me or the staff - unless it’s Chaddy of course as he doesn’t have a great relationship with officials!!!!

You mentioned you personally learnt lessons from the Barrow game, can you share what they were? Our travel arrangements were poor. We knew about the motorway being shit and didn’t prepare correctly - that’s my fault not the clubs. I also felt we paid them to much respect. Finally, always kick with the wind if we get the chance. We didn’t and it died down in the second half. It also showed me the gulf between our league and the national north. Big budgets go a long way.

Which player out of the NPL would you bring to FC right now?
That’s a difficult question as I have really good players but to rival Cameron I think Tommy Taylor is an exceptional Goalkeeper at Scarborough.

What has surprised you most since you came to FC, both good and bad? Good - it has to be the facilities and the fans. Both wouldn’t be out of place in the football league.

Bad - when I first took over the club seemed disjointed and divided. However, lots has happened behind the scenes through the board, Paul smith, media side , fans coming back together and now we are motoring in the right direction. I haven’t mentioned the obvious - player recruitment/lack of respect for the budget/issuesing contracts etc when I first arrived...that wasn’t great,

Will you ever learn new fc songs My confession is....I sing FC songs all the tine, in the shower, when me and jack are in the car, we have it coming through my Bluetooth in the car....we love a song song!!! One day, I would love a really good away day with the fans.......

What are your favourite pizza toppings? My favourite pizza is.....ham, onion and jalepenos ...loads of them !!

Did you know you had a doppelganger in FC’s support - Simon P, he can usually be found loitering in the main stand? No, not at all!!! I need introducing to him!! Maybe he can take the team one game while I travel with the fans ?????

What stand do you prefer the SMRE or the main stand
You can’t ask me that......I always go over to the main stand first , then the SMRE. I love the new song that the main stand sing....it’s a tough one, however, I’m not sitting on the fence but honestly the support the FC fans have shown me since I arrived means I won’t choose. The fans mean everything to me, my squad and my staff.

How would you act in Kepa-Sarri situation when Kepa declined to be substituted before penalty shootout? Would you punish keeper somehow? Firstly I wouldn’t do it but secondly , if that did happen I would drag him off , discipline him and put myself in goals!!!!

Do you own, or have you ever owned, a Renault? Of have you asked them for sponsorship? No I haven’t but I would love a club car....especially with my reg plate on it...that would be perfect.

Is there any chance whatsoever that Tunde will be with us next season I don’t see why not. Tunde loves the way I manage him and love the way he plays. We are a perfect match. Obviously I want him to play as high as he can but would he get the reception at other clubs as he gets at FC. I know what that means to Tunde. The stumbling block maybe the finances. Tunde will be a wanted man but if we could rival other clubs then I doubt he would go anywhere. In saying this, he isn’t money motivated one bit but strikers in our league are paid much more and he is by far the best in my opinion.

Do you know how grateful the fans are? You promised the good times would return, and they have, the footballs been great to watch and the players have given there all, not like last seasons pathetic bunch of winkers. I’ve tried not to comment much about last season. As a player I’ve always been taught to give everything for the club you play for and the badge on your shirt. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case last season. This season, the squad is an absolute joy to work with. My saying is...no player will ever dictate your FC United while I am in charge ...we will dictate to the player. I lost out on a few players in pre season as they tried saying they wanted X,Y & Z with a bonus on the end. I just said - you do t want to play for FC that much as our structure is......!! I can honestly say that not one player has asked for more money this season or even tried to negotiate their initial pay. They just live playing for the club and want to play for the club for years to come. As for me, I pinch myself every time I arrive to work for FC...I literally pinch myself. I will always be grateful for the opportunity.

Where do you see yourself and FC in five years time? This has to be a club decision. Where are we now, where do we want to be and how are we going to get there. For me, ensuring the clubs financial status is paramount above everything. If we do this, maintain the fan base then I’m sure we will do well.

Can I have your tie for my wedding? Definitely - which one , Black or the red one!

Any chance of fans joining in a training session or something to involve the fans in that sort? Absolutely. That would be good - tell them to bring their running spikes as we have a very fit squad!!!

If you could go to one Derby day anywhere in the world, where would it be? It would have to be El Classico......apparently it’s like nothing else!!!

How are you going to cope! No work as your a head teacher, and no football at the weekends! I literally have no idea.....no joke, this has been my life since a young lad, education and football!!!! I may try and get fit....all this beer after games hasn’t done much for me!!!

Do you have studs in your slip ons ? never seen you slip (yet) running down the line to celebrate with the lads No I don’t but I make sure I change them often ....slipping in front of the fans in my first game in charge will never leave me!!! They were very slippy shoes!!!

Did you watch Football Italia on C4 between 1992 to 2002 on a Saturday morning? Absolutely - I am a massive Gazza fan. He is all over my house.

It’s a muffin right?Barm cake!!

what do you think about the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre? I’ve only been once - I didn’t pay much attention. I think I was ten deep by the time I arrived!!! It was a long journey!!!

Bringing a complete new team in this season was going to go one of two ways. Deep down what were your aspirations for this season? Being completely honest finishing tenth with 1.5 Points per game would of really annoyed me. My intention is to always Instill belief in my players, make every session the best it can eve be and ensure that players keep to a detailed game plan and leave everything on the pitch. I don’t look too much at budgets. I believe in my own ability and player recruitment. I always want to finish as high as possible and competing for silverware is a must!!!!

Which FC player has the best chance of making it into the football league Luke Griffiths - I genuinely believe when he is on his game there is nothing better. He has everything that you want from a player - plus he has a nasty side to him which I like in all my players . He always plays to win and has incredible technique.

Which one manager would you compare yourself to and why? I dont really compare myself to one. I take tips from lots of managers and put them in my back pack. I believe in being open and together with the fans, I am really passionate and love winning, I have my own image - I haven’t come across anyone else in non league that has the club badge on their blazer, people may have an issue with this but I say, look good /feel good. Match day is the most amazing experience and feeling that I get ....people will say I celebrate like Klopp, dress like guardiola, spring down the line like mourinho, scream at officials like warnock, sit down in the dug out like wenger , it goes on. I just like my own style ....I’m not ready for changing yet!!!

If you had to be quarantined with 3 current players - who would you choose? And which 3 wouldn’t you want to be? Want to be with....Doddy, Pottsy, Regan, I’ve known them for years and know everything about them and vice versa.

Not want to be with:Mike Faulkner - coach, he sleep walks, talks in his sleep, generally weird guy.
Joe Winskill - kit man. After the antics at the weekend, getting next to naked in chappys room (that’s another story) and lying on his bed I couldn’t trust him and finally, Doyley, he likes drinking more than me so if we was on rations he would drink us dry!!!

Best Centre Forward of the past 20 years? In the league??? Has to be Shearer!

Coach or train? I haven’t been on an away day with FC but I’ve seen the Buxton video on the train - it looked incredible!!!!

Favourite FC song? Won’t pay glazer or work for sky, followed by....Go on the pxxx with Georgie Best....I sing the two over and over again...I would love to hear the whole stadium sing that for about 15 mins....it’s got a real bounce to it!!!!

Flares or Blankets?Flares!!

Would you of been Barnsley bound again this year for the player Awards and has your pool playing got any better? Absolutely - I would never miss. I love the awards evening and credit for everyone that organised it. As long as I can still see at 2am then my pool is always good. After 15 pints and red wine - not so good!!!

Who’s the best player you’ve ever managed? Michael Potts - such a professional and his performance are always of a high standard. He is just like me ....absolutely winner!!! A pleasure to manage!!!

What would you say now to those same people who strongly warned you off taking the FC managers job? The same thing I said to them, I will make my own decision and stand by it. Until you walk in the stadium for the first time and be given this amazing opportunity people can’t comment. Every team makes mistakes at some point...I see this club as our club and my club which I genuinely love. I want it to continue for years to come

Who is the best player you were close to signing but signed for another club? I honestly don’t think this has happened. I haven’t let anyone barter with me in terms of money -I refuse to play the tenner game!!! If this happened then I just shake hands and wish them all the best.

Any tips for the up coming football manager tournament as I’m representing FC? Settle on a formation, try to keep a settler back five,and midfield, rotate your attacking players to bring different options!!! Talk to your computer screen as well and really involve yourself in the game , ha!!

How come you chose FC? I don’t have a clue that they were interested. When I knew they was and I met The board and walked the stadium my mind was made up!!! I don’t listen to the negative noise....I needed to do this and I am so happy FC gave me this opportunity!!!

Who’s the best trainer? Adam Dodd is an absolutely machine/animal!!!! Trains like he plays......

Squads views for next season majority of them wanting to stick around for the foreseeable? We all know how hard it is to keep the best players lower down the leagues I doubt anyone will leave unless a league club comes In for our contract players . I have no intention of releasing anyone. Like all managers, I will be bringing in 5/6 players to add to the current group. We have already identified these.

What would be your preference for the season? Scrap it now, or see it through whenever we can start again? I would respect the FA’s decision. I hate not having football. When games are cancelled, close season or this predicament we find ourselves in ....I just love being at football.

I love the fluidity of the way we play but it takes certain style of footballers to fit in especially the 3 behind Tunde. How difficult is it to recruit these type of players who have the flexibility to fit in I heard pockets of criticism about my formation last season , this season we find ourselves as the leagues leading scorers with the same formation. It’s all about the players ability to retain information and execute what I want from them. There are different styles of players that I use in the three behind the 9. Sometime it’s with a hold up 10, sometimes 10 joining in, quick wingers who go on the outside or 7 & 11 then play narrow. We have a blend of attacking players that can do both. I made three subs at half time at SS taking off the thre behind our 9 and replaced them with a different three which seemed to work.

How easy/hard is it to find those right characters? Do other staff help with this? I have total OCD about this and everything else to be honest. I like to be the main person with player recruitment as they have to fit into my style and be the right person. Staff do help with recruitment but I’m the one that always does the hand shake and sells the vision of the club and where we want to go.

Favourite overseas holiday location? Lanzarote or Las Vegas!!!

How much sleep do you get after a midweek game? EG Nantwich away the other week I never sleep after a game ....it’s the hardest thing to do. Win, lose or draw I am always thinking about the game. Maximum of three hours!!

The Enfield and Lewes pre season tour was huge in bringing the new players into the FC way. The Enfield club house after the match was fantastic. Any plans for next preseason away yet ? .... whenever that will be There have been many plans but with what’s happening it’s all on pause. I loved the pre season trip to Enfield/Lewes last pre season - memories that will last forever!!!

Out of the current squad, is there anybody you think would make a great manager one day? Definitely Charlie Ennis - he absolutely gets football. I wouldn’t rule him out joining my management team when he finishes playing - that’s a long time off yet though!!!

Which bits of FC remind you of a Monty Python sketch? For me it’s Mike Potts & the Spanish Inquisition, but in a good way. I don’t watch it sorry....

How far do you think you can take fc ? We can go as far as we want.....like I said earlier, when the club is financially ready then we can continue the journey. Saying that, I want progression now. We all want to be ready to make the assault when the time is right......my squad would ok in the league above!! They will only get better!!

My wife is a Senco/assistant head teacher and in charge of safe. guarding. How do you keep your marriage going? I’m not married - that ended a few years ago. Me or football.....there is only one winner!!!!

Aside from Broadhurst Park which ground would you prefer the Manchester Premier Cup final to be played in if/when it happens?
I loved the atmosphere at Hyde this season....I would go there plus the playing surface was amazing. All 3G pitches are not the same.....

FC are the pride of Manchester, but which football club are the pride of Wales? That has to be Bangor 1876.....we made friends during last years friendly!!!!

Favourite Pint? Has to be Guinness....especially in Ireland!!!

Looking back at the dreadful last season, apart from Pottsy and Donners are there any other players from the 50 odd you would like to be still here Kurt Willoughby .......he loved FC and did everything the right way!!!!

Who is your favourite other non league manager? Who do you get along with best? I get on really well with Jamie Milligan , Darren Kelly, Michael Clegg and Steve Cunningham!!! My favourite all time manger has to be Ian Mcgarry who was my Manager at Darwen when I was 16-20!! Taught me what football actually means to people!!!!

Questions we ran out of time for but Reno has since kindly answered :

Whose the longest in the shower? I’ve never showered with the boys...we use our own in the managers office but if I was to guess I would go for ......Curtis Jones....the lads may tell me otherwise!!!!

Since managing FC United what has been your favourite match? It has to be Lancaster city at home....the scenes at the end were incredible...best way to win a football game!!!

what is your personal best time reaching the corner flag for a goal celebration? I’m getting quicker.....(well I think I am)...this sounds like a challenge I will accept. Give me pre season to get fit first though!

Roy Keane or Bryan Robson? Roy Keane

Let’s assume the season is over, who gets managers player of the year? Curtis Jones......all the players have been incredible but we miss him so much when he doesn’t play!!!

What’s your personal ambitions in football management? I want to be full time....I’ve never hidden that fact. I would love that to be with FC United though.

With such a young side how many of the players do expect to keep hold off for next season? I think we will keep 90% of the squad....I think if we did lose anyone it would be to league clubs. I doubt that anyone would want to leave...they genuinely love playing for this club.

Which team did you support as a kid? My dad took me to Preston North End every week but since I was 15 I have played non league football so Saturday, Tuesday, Thursdays have been my life. I take jack to watch Blackburn if we ever get a spare night/afternoon!!!! That’s rare though.....

Have you ever played Football Manager? And yes....I grew up playing it!!! What a game....when I was growing up three of us played it religiously ...night after night until the early hours in the morning. Barry Hale, Mike Faulkner and myself locked in the back room at Barry’s house.....great memories!!!!

Do you think most of our defensive mistakes come through our centre backs? No, not at all. We don’t have a blame culture in the dressing room. When we concede we look at where the play has broken down that led to the goal. We analyse this and work on it in training. If lads make a mistake trying to do the right thing then that’s ok...players learn from mistakes. If it’s a set piece and someone loses their man then that’s different - players admit when it’s their mistake.

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