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Club statement

The club are currently thoroughly investigating the facts surrounding an incident that occurred during our friendly versus Altrincham. The club are aware of the allegations and are aware of who are alleged to have been involved.

Once the full facts are established the individual(s) involved will be invited to explain themselves to the club with a view to taking appropriate and proportionate action.

Despite the actions of only one or two individuals, it is the whole of the club and our support that ultimately suffer. As supporters we have rightly taken pride in the ability to self-police over the last 12 months; a policy that has served us well, negated the need for authoritarian stewarding, enhanced our reputation and made us countless friends throughout the North West Counties League. That reputation and the very future of the club is imperilled if we allow the actions of one or two individuals to prevail.

Further, the club would like to make it clear that it will not absolve its own responsibility in these matters. We will continue to defend our own supporters when unfair accusations are made of them. We will continue to correct what we deem injustices.

We will not however defend or ignore incidents of unacceptable behaviour and anyone found to be involved in such behaviour will face the appropriate consequences. The club reserves the right to protect its good name including, should the circumstances merit it, a ban from all our games.

FC United Board
20 July 2006

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First Posted ~ 13:35 Thu 20 Jul 2006
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Last Updated ~ 13:35 Thu 20 Jul 2006