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How to summarise a season in 60 minutes...

This Week’s News

This week the FCUM Radio Emperor called a snap emergency meeting down at the Derek and Clive Memorial Suite with the station’s production staff to begin the process of hammering out an end of season review script.

While no blood was spilt during this meeting a stapler was thrown at the wall, as it has become clear to the Emperor that trying to summarise such an epic season in just 60 minutes is not going to be an easy task. But that is precisely what FCUM Radio has planned, and it is on its way so please just bare with us a little bit longer, it is going to be well worth it.

In other news, with the summer now in full swing, I mean look outside of your office, bedroom or cell window now, isn’t it just lovely? So with summer in mind FCUM Radio has asked King of the Afternoon’s Rockin’ John Cron to kindly grant you all an extra half an hour with his glorious presence in the day, which he has accepted. So while we wait for next season’s football’s to arrive, Dadrock and Dance will be on air for 3 hours now from 1pm everyday of the working week, not ’arf!

And one more thing, we are still on the look out for budding story and script writers for FCUM Radio in the new season; you can be a writer of comedy, drama, romance even sci-fi (yes we’ll even do that) for a series of radio plays to be broadcast during the new season. Likewise if you are a member of an Amateur Dramatics society, we’ll be just as keen to hear from you as well at station@fcumradio.co.uk. And while I’m at it, you are just an email away from anyone here at FCUM Radio, so why not request a song. All of our DJs can be contacted via email and love reading what you have to say. So help yourselves, http://www.fcumradio.co.uk/djsshows/the-voices/

Highlights of this week include:

* FC LIVE Replay! – A re-run of a classic match from a memorable season (Wed 7pm & Sat 3pm)

* FCUM Radio Showcase (Mon-Fri 12.30 & 21.00) a celebration of all that we do here at the station from football commentary, great music shows, insightful interviews to the odd bit of comedy gold.

* Join The FCUth for Children Of The Revolution, for a unique glimpse into the lives of FC United’s junior contingent from volunteering to their music taste (Sat 12pm, repeated Sun 10am)

* FC Soul Night on Thursday from 7pm, for a whole evening of Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, Funk and Motown.
* FC Daytime – Join our daytime team every day of the working week from 10am through to 7pm for our get you through work programming.

* Summer Saturdays – Tune in from 9am through to midnight every Saturday for a whole day of glorious radio, brought to you by our army of cheery volunteer DJs, combining pretty much every musical genre ever conceived, probably, and much much more.

* All your regular favourite shows and presenters, of course.

* Catch Up Sundays - your chance to listen again to any shows you missed from 10am to midnight.

The best way to find out what’s on week to week is by heading to the ‘What’s On’ section of the website -http://www.fcumradio.co.uk/whats-on/

How to listen

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Firewall? Try this: www.fcumradio.co.uk/listenfw.asx

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First Posted ~ 11:20 Mon 23 May 2011
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Last Updated ~ 11:20 Mon 23 May 2011