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Bala Town FC Apologies

We’re very pleased to let our fans and co-owners know that Bala Town have contacted FC United’s club offices today to apologise for their tardiness in settling the full amount of money owed to us following last summer’s pre-season friendly. They have agreed to pay us the outstanding amount and have specifically said they’d like the good relations between our two clubs to be restored. FC United are more than happy to agree to that.

It was with great regret and a very heavy heart that we took the unprecedented step of publicly naming Bala Town (and another club) for failure to pay. We expected our fans and co-owners to treat that information with the usual compassion and dignity that we associate with our club. Therefore, it was disappointing that a few of our fans were very unkind in their expressions of frustration.

Bala have apologised very graciously and it restores our faith to know that this has had such an amicable outcome. We wish Bala Town and their supporters every success in the future.

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First Posted ~ 14:57 Sun 15 May 2011
News ID ~ 3585
Last Updated ~ 14:57 Sun 15 May 2011