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FCupdate - a regular round up of world football news

Welcome to the latest edition of FCupdate, our regular round-up of news and views from around the football world that should appeal to fans of a supporter-owned club such as FC United.

We hope you enjoy the latest edition and do let us know if you see anything that we should be including in future issues by emailing website@fc-utd.co.uk.

New Sky deal will hit Championship clubs hard, says Bristol City boss
Bristol City chief executive, Colin Sexstone says the £69million drop in TV revenue from the latest Sky deal announced by the Football League last week is a "wake up call for everyone in football". Sexstone reckons the deal will mean a substantial drop for all the clubs in the Football League but particularly Championship clubs as they receive 80 per cent of the money. He added: "Wages must be brought back down and this can only strengthen that resolve for all of us.” Read more at FC Business.

Blackburn fans to discuss setting up a supporters’ trust
Blackburn Rovers fans are holding a meeting in the town on 11 May to discuss the setting up of a supporters’ trust. Blackburn Rovers Supporters’ Trust, if given the go ahead, would provide “a voice for fans within a recognised and democratic organisation that, with the correct leadership and strong membership, could influence things at the top level,” say the fans behind the move. The ultimate aim of the trust is to one day have an elected representative at board level at the club. Further information at Rovers Trust.

The demise of Almondsbury Town FC
Almondsbury Town FC have been enjoying a great season. They are playing at the highest level in the club’s history with a decent squad of good local players. They are debt-free, have a loyal following and are holding their own in the league. However, after they play Cinderford Town on the last day of the season, that’s it. Almondsbury Town FC will drop out of the Southern League. Thanks to an off-the-field wrangle, which has seen the team effectively evicted from their ground, the club have no home. Read more at TwoHundredPercent.

Watford Supporters’ Trust resist pressure to sell shares to Watford FC
Watford Supporters’ Trust has decided not to sell its shares to Watford FC Limited in a bid to “help keep public accountability and transparency”. The trust say they have taken the decision to retain and not sell their own individual or WST shares as “It important for fans to retain a shareholding to help keep public accountability and transparency.” More at Watford Observer.

Darlington’s difficulties continue with ground now up for sale
Darlington Football Club could lose its home ground, less than eight years after moving in. The club’s receivers have instructed a property company to advertise Darlington Arena for sale. Although Darlington FC has an existing lease to play at the Arena until 2024, a new owner may choose to buy its way out of that contract. Darlington Football club has suffered ongoing financial difficulties since the late 1990s. More at BBC News.

Will Leeds United be forced to reveal their owners?
The ongoing mystery over who owns Leeds United has been rumbling on for years since chairman Ken Bates and his fellow directors put Leeds into administration owing £35m to creditors. Now, the House of Commons select committee has added to the pressure on Bates’ club to state who is behind the offshore ownership. Read more at The Guardian.

Rangers could face bankruptcy over debts to the taxman. . .
Rangers chairman Alastair Johnston has admitted that the club could go bust. He was speaking in the wake of recent talks with would-be owner Craig Whyte and following the announcement of the club’s latest half-yearly figures indicating that Rangers owes £29m. More at BBC Sport.

. . . and so could Queen of the South
Still in Scotland, like Rangers, Queen of the South are facing a £100,000 demand from the taxman. Club directors say they are currently negotiating weekly with the Inland Revenue over a repayment plan. The debt is the largest on a creditors’ list which totalled £250,000 at the end of last month. More at Dumfies and Galloway Standard.

Will English clubs get their finances in order in time to satisfy Uefa?
Having made gigantic losses last year, Chelsea and Manchester City would fail Uefa’s new Financial Fair Play regulations if they were applied today. Any club consistently living beyond their means face expulsion from the lucrative European competitions, the Champions and Europa Leagues. To get a clearer picture of how Premier League clubs might measure up against Uefa’s criteria, the BBC commissioned research into the most recent club accounts for 2009/2010. Read more at David Bond’s BBC blog.

Why football’s future may well be German
The TwoHundredPerCent blog has some great writing and this article by Luke Edwards about the how he’s fallen out of love with the Premier League and sought solace in the German Bundeslige is no exception. Read more at TwoHundredPercent.

How difficult can it be to be a referee?
And finally this week, we all know that referees get it in the neck from fans on a regular basis but how difficult can it be to be the man in the middle? Radio Five Live’s George Riley found out when he accepted an invitation from the Hertfordshire FA to be a referee for the day. Read more and watch George’s exploits at George Riley’s BBC blog.

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