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Treasureline - win thousands whilst raising money for FCUM

Treasureline - win thousands whilst raising money for FCUM

FC United is pleased to announce Treasureline, a fundraising initiative which gives supporters the chance to win thousands of pounds every week whilst boosting both the Development Fund and club finances.

Supporters can join Treasureline for just £1 a week, giving them eight chances to win a top prize of £1,000, or runners-up prizes of £100 (x 4), £50 (x 4) and £25 (x 4) every week.

At FC United, we are grateful to our supporters for their continuing financial input into our club and helping spread the word about our campaign to give fans a voice in football and how sport can be used to improve our local communities.

Our supporters may want to take part in Treasureline but most of us also know family, friends and colleagues who have expressed support for what we are doing and this initiative is designed to appeal to them to help us achieve our aims.

There are currently 215 people currently signed up to Treasureline is worth around £8,000 per year to our club.

This is how it works
Each Treasureline member receives a membership card bearing eight separate unique numbers. This represents eight individual chances to win up to £1,000 weekly. Results are published on the club website every week.

Monthly standing orders are for £4.33, giving you eight chances to win every week, or £8.66 giving you 16 chances to win every week: and most importantly at least 70p in every £1 will be split between Club Funds and the Development Fund.

Supporters’ Branches can get involved by signing up new members and being rewarded if any of your members win. 10% extra will be paid to Branch funds if any of your signed up members were to win one of the major prizes (£1,000, £100, £50, £25).

Click here to download and print out a Treasureline application form.

Printed application forms will be available from the Development Fund Stall, Membership Stall and Reception 2 at every home match. A facility for joining online is under development and will be announced once it is complete.

Keep an eye on treasureline.php for updates and also for prize announcements.

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First Posted ~ 12:55 Tue 29 Mar 2011
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