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Jonathon Spectre is haunting Europe: AFLM:SPG issue 5 alive.

“Now and then the workers are victorious, but only for a time. The real fruit of their battles lie not in the immediate result, but in the ever expanding union of the workers.”

Issue five of A Fine Lung Manchester: Spirit, Patience, Gentleness comes to you prepared with love, created with love and delivered with love. Sometimes love is hard and sometimes love is tough. There is no value in using blinkers or substance to dull that harsh reality; we must take it and shape it to our own will.

Much debate has been had within our red, mancunian, football family of late and all is met head on within the lovingly crafted 44 pages of varying thoughts and feelings.

Football, music, art, literature and politics form the backbone of our lives and they are the spine of issue five. From the Manchester punk scene of the late 1970s to the joys of Spotland on November 5, 2010.

Football is represented by the commentator of FC United’s FA Cup giant killing. Jon Champion tells us about his ‘most invigorating experience in years’ in an exclusive interview. He also explains how he was talent-spotted by the BBC from a bathtub and how he will never forget one particular evening in south London that left Mark Bright muttering “Oh my god…”

Music is represented by legendary Sounds, NME and music biography writer Mig Miggles. He aptly fills the middle pages with his reminiscence of 70s Manchester, when Mick Hucknall pogoed at the Electric Circus and Dale Street was the dodge city of its day.

We also have the regular columns from our resident soul train driver and gobbin boffin.

There is artistry in the pictures contained within, thanks to Premier League photographer Eddie Garvey and FC United regulars Toast and Rustle. Theatre also features.

Literature is offered in the form of a review of a book by Tony Wilson’s first wife and author Andy Davies discusses the work of one of his heroes.

There’s the usual quality from Duff, Talkative, Life of Smiley, Mad Cyril, Fraudulent , Midjmo Matt and a bloke who did ballet dancing and now creates plays for Moston active Drama.

We are reminded of the importance of life and how precious our time is, thanks to a harrowing piece by a survivor of the Bradford fire. The message is clear. We must grasp the gift and do our utmost to use it correctly.

The challenges we are presented with in the face of the latest assault on the working classes, will not be ducked. FC United of Manchester’s position in the grander scheme of what is about to happen across Europe cannot be underestimated.

Let the bosses and the cultural thieves tremble at the revolution. We have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win.

Reds of all countries unite.

£2 for 44 pages. You won’t get better value anywhere. And it’s all towards that beacon of red love we will build in east central Manchester. On sale at FC United’s home game against Hinckley United in the FA Trophy this Saturday at Gigg Lane.

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First Posted ~ 10:18 Fri 19 Nov 2010
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