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From Rags to Riches

Remember that fund raising idea that costs nowt

Most of you will remember last winter FC United fans collected a magnificent 4 tons of coats, jumpers and warm winter cloths for homeless people. I think we can all take pride in saying FC United is a place where charities are well supported! That will be repeated this year so please hang on to your old jumpers and warm winter cloths for this years Xmas collection. You may also recall our second collection of old cloths, curtains, towels, bedding and none winter clothes on Youth United day. That collection raised £370 for FC United Well"¦ we’re at it again

Every little helps, so time for another clearout, and another, and another, and another"¦

On Youth United day some members commented that they had loads of stuff to get rid of but couldn’t manage it on the train, tram, bus, shankses-pony. This season we will be collecting at every home game so you can drop off your old clobber in smaller amounts. Just think how much we can collect if we all bring one carrier bag full every home game The collection point will be next to the membership stall. The recycle centre cannot use sleeping bags, pillows or quilts. Other than that lets clear out those wardrobes, bedding boxes, airing cupboards and
"Get it bagged up" for FC

Old Mobile phones recycling

The after the Rag and Bone it’s the dog and bone. In a separate collection you can also donate your old mobile phones for recycling. There will be collection points at the turnstiles and again near the Membership stall.

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First Posted ~ 16:37 Thu 26 Aug 2010
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