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Behind the scenes with Simon Carden

"I’d like to be, watchin’ FC, with goals from Simon Carden if he plays." 64 goals in fact, in 200 record breaking appearances for our club.

The man with the great habit of popping up with a cool head in the right place at the right time gave the official website a quick interview about all things FC and how he’s the only one who’ll go for a pint with Margy after training.

How does it feel to reach 200 appearances for the club?
It feels great to have played 200 games for FC. I was glad to beat Sam Ashton as he has been telling me I would be dropped all season and he’d beat me to it!

Do you think you’ll do another 200?
Not unless the club wants to buy me a couple of new knees!

What do you think of your song?
It’s nice to have a song but I still can’t get used to people singing it to me.

What is your favourite FC moment?
It’s got to be scoring five in one game. (In the 10-2 win over Castleton Gabriels in December 2005)

What was your funniest FC moment?
Margy going mad at half-time once and throwing all the water bottles at the wall but missing and hitting Sam Ashton instead.

How did last season feel in comparison to previous seasons?
Really poor, it’s hard when you get used to having success.

After all the time you’ve spent at FC who is, in your opinion, the most talented player to come through the doors (past or present)?
I hate to say it but Rory Paterson.

It’s more than likely that you’ll end up as our most capped player by the time you call it a day as you’re still young enough and still going strong, why do you think you have stayed at the club for so long?
For the first couple of seasons it was probably for the amount of goals I scored. Now I think it’s because no-one else goes for a pint with Margy after training!

What do you think is a realistic aim for next season?
It’ll be interesting to see who’s still here and who comes in but I’m sure FC will be looking for promotion.

What is the feeling like amongst the players and staff about the new ground?
It’ll be great for the club to have its own ground and I think everyone will want to still be a part of it when it happens.

If you could have the set up of any ground you have visited as a player where would it be and why?
Hyde United, great pitch, good bar and Souley says they do the best pie and peas in non-league!

Fantasy time - Which player, past or present, would you have liked to play with?
Bryan Robson.

Who did you vote for as players’ player of the season?
Ben Deegan.

What did you get up to during your summer break?
Went to St Ives with the wife and kids and watched the World Cup.

Tell us something about you that would surprise FC fans?
I’ve never been sent off in a league or cup match for FC and I can beat Jimmy Holden in a race!


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First Posted ~ 11:18 Sat 7 Aug 2010
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