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New away kit - vote now closed

As detailed at the October General Meeting we have decided to amend the selection process for the new away shirt.

PLEASE NOTE: Voting has now closed. An updated will be posted here following the analysis of the results.

Although the competition for designing new shirts by our members has been very popular in the past, this has not been without some difficulties, such as incorporating similar designs from different supporters into a ’generic’ design and then having to compromise that design into something that was feasible to manufacture.

This was particularly evident with the manufacture of the latest home shirt. It is also probably fair to say that the turnaround time from design to delivery has in the past been too short and has contributed to the difficulties, and is the reason why we are starting this process ’earlier’ this time.

However, members’ input into the design of our shirts remains paramount and therefore we hope that we have come up with a suitable solution.

We have held lengthy discussions with our kit manufacturer Admiral about feasible designs of shirts and we now understand what is possible. We have therefore considered numerous different designs and decided on a short list of five, for consideration by our members.

You are invited to vote for all designs, ranking them in order of preference. We also include the option to vote for none of these. The online vote page can be found here.

Manufacturing times are quite long but we hope to have the new shirts available on or before our last home game of this season when the kit will become our away strip for seasons 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Voting will be open to members only and will be carried out via the website. Those members who do not have a registered email address can send their shirt preferences and membership details to FC United, Hope Mills, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester M4 7JA.

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First Posted ~ 12:49 Sat 9 Jan 2010
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Last Updated ~ 12:36 Mon 21 May 2018