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Looking For Eric double DVD - order now

FC United presents

United We Stand / Looking for Eric double DVD pack with enamel Looking for Eric badge and a copy of the mask worn in the film


All profits to the club!!!

Please note we would just like to clarify that the package we are offering includes a double DVD, a CARDBOARD copy of the masks worn in the film and a limited edition enamel badge.

Unfortunately we are not able to produce latex masks ( more is the pity ) as these were and are VERY EXPENSIVE!

Release date: October 12th. Order now at the club shop or at http:// www.fc-utd.co.uk/shop .

Look out for details of the FC launch programme.

United We Stand is an excellent promotional film for those campaigning for supporters to have more say in the running of the game. It comes with the DVD of the film Looking for Eric.

United We Stand is an accompanying documentary to director Ken Loach’s feature length film. It focuses on the damage caused by corporatisation and commercialisation to the game in England and highlights supporter-owned FC United’s response.

It features interviews with former Manchester United star, Eric Cantona, Everton FC’s Chairman, Bill Kenwright, Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, Ken Loach, sports journalist David Conn, and FC United supporters and FC Board members. Alex Ferguson comments on ’the prawn sandwich brigade’ and the impact of all seater stadiums.

Notably the second half of the film completely focuses on FC United as an example of the fans’ response. It features supporters talking about FC’s establishment, its ethos, its supporters and shows our marvellous match atmosphere. As such United We Stand is an important chronicle of, and tribute to, FC United and other supporter-owned clubs.

Essentially it says English big match football is in a mess, and supporter-owned clubs such as FC United are the answer.

Looking for Eric

In United We Stand, Eric Cantona explains: "We wanted to make ’Looking for Eric’ as a social statement."

FC United of Manchester is proud of its role in the ’Looking for Eric’ storylines.

Postman Eric Bishop, the main character in the film, is portrayed as a Manchester United supporter who has been priced out of going to watch their games. Many of his friends (in particular lead characters played by John Henshaw and Justin Moorhouse) have become FC United supporters.

Eric’s na├»ve son and his friends do manage to get to watch Manchester United but only because the tickets are given to them by a gangster in return for assisting his mob with their crimes.

Out of luck and at his wits end about his family and love life, Eric has imaginary visits from his hero, Eric Cantona, who advises him to turn his life around by being bold and taking on responsibility for changing his fortunes.

He has some limited success in this but soon finds the gangster threatening him and his family with vicious consequences. Cantona advises him to fight back with collective action and seek the assistance of his friends.

Eric’s pals rally round and with three coach loads of fans travelling to an FC United away game they put Operation Cantona into action.

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