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GM voting results in

The club are pleased to announce the results of General Meeting vote as voted on via post and at the meeting itself. As shown, each resolution has been carried by the membership. Resolutions a-d will become policy for season 2006-07. Resolutions e & f will now be established and adopted. The membership vote needs formal ratification by the board as it was not a strict resolution. However as the board has indicated, it sought direction from the membership and has clearly achieved that.

The board would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out at the General Meeting in particular Alison Watt and Linda Harvey who had the unenviable job of having to count all the votes.

We would also like to thank again all the members who took the time to either vote via post or on the night itself and for contributing to what was a healthy, often lively, but ultimately empowering debate.

The resolutions and votes are as follows:

Resolution (a)


  1. the price of all adult season tickets (including adult concessionary season tickets, being available to the over-60s, the unwaged and students) for season 2006/07 be set at a level that will give adult season ticket holders a discount equivalent to free admittance to three home league matches in season 2006/07;

  2. and the price of Under-18s season tickets for season 2006/07 be set at a level equivalent to £1.00 for each home league match in season 2006/07.

For: 751 - Against: 3 - Abstained: 0

Resolution (b)

THAT the price of pay-on-the-day admittance to home league matches in season 2006/07 be frozen at the level currently in force for this season, 2005/06, that is:

For: 750 - Against: 4 - Abstained: 0

Resolution (c)

THAT no FC United of Manchester playing strip will carry shirt sponsorship.

For: 724 - Against: 29 - Abstained: 1

Resolution (d)

THAT the fee for membership of the Club for the financial year commencing on 1st July 2006 be set at £10.00 for adults and £3.00 for Under-16s (who are entitled to Junior Membership of the Club).

For: 739 - Against: 15 - Abstained: 0

Resolution (e)

THAT a Development Fund be established with the purpose of raising funds for future investment in facilities for the Club.

For: 750 - Against: 1 - Abstained: 3

Resolution (f)

THAT the Constitutional Rules of the Club be and they are hereby amended by the addition of a new sub-clause ’d’ to Rule 9, which shall read: "agrees to be bound by the Club’s equality statements, child protection policy and codes of conduct."

For: 750 - Against: 3 - Abstained: 1

Members’ Vote

Do you want a new first team home playing strip to be released for next season, 2006/07?

Yes: 238 - No: 499

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