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Eric and Clyde

After the thrilling 2-2 draw away at Hednesford on Saturday this was a conversation overheard between two supporters Eric and Clyde on their way out of the ground.

"Are you going to the game at Gigg on Wednesday against Ashton?"

"No mate, I’m washing my hair."

"On yer bike, no-one will notice your greasy mop in the dark at the back of the Main Stand."

"Yeah well, I’m a bit skint at the moment."

"Yeah? How many pints did you sup today, never mind giving the barmaid a tip everytime she fluttered her eyes at you? It’s only £7.50 at Gigg, about the same amount you spent at half time."

"But my other half is moaning I’m never at home."

"And? Anyway absence makes the heart grow fonder..."

"OK but the MRE will be shut on Wednesday, I don’t want to have to put up with those boring old so and so’s in the Main Stand."

"Give over, the atmosphere in the Main Stand has been cracking when we’ve all been crammed together!"

"Look, I’ll be at work till 6 o’clock and it’s a right pain getting to Bury from the other side of Manchester at that time"

"Moan, moan, moan! It’s a good job the players don’t make the same excuse. They’re all flippin’ working as well you know."

"The players? We won’t get promoted now anyway."

"What? We’re in 7th place and we’re trying for a top five finish. Are you giving it up already? Should we just give it to the top five now? Come on the lads need us all to get behind ’em, we’re still in with a shout."

"Yeah, but Wednesdays are always rubbish aren’t they?"

"Erm............FC United 5, Cammel Laird 5."

"OK, you got me, you win, see you there."

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First Posted ~ 11:19 Tue 24 Mar 2009
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Last Updated ~ 12:56 Mon 21 May 2018