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China White

This Saturday, Eff Cee play Radcliffe in the cup. There’s something familiar about that so for a bit of the unfamiliar, this Saturday Malcolmses will be hosting China White, a hip hop collective...

Fresh from a successful second appearance at In The City, China White are a three-man smack around the chops for anyone who refuses to check their Hip Hop prejudice at the door.
"We’re Hip Hop’s finest rock band," Liam Croker is fond of saying - only when he says "band" he really means "collective", as collaborators from The Furious Five to Greg Wilson will testify.
Short of attitude Liam is not. Opening up a short set in support of New Order’s Hookie at the end of May he deadpanned: "This one’s for John Terry..." and sympathy was the last thing on his mind.
Named not, by the way, after the WAG nitespot of London renown, it is a Hip Hop classic to which the lads pay homage. "It’s on the end of Grandmaster Flash’s White Lines," Liam explains, "the part when the dealer is dealing, which you can hear on the full version of the song." Usually compared to Massive Attack, with some Money Mark and MC 900ft Jesus thrown in, Ant captures the outlook that would sooner see them mistaken for Oasis or the Roses. "We don’t need Toni & Guy hair and skinny pants - like Liam shouted at one gig, pointing at our clothes: ’You can keep yer winklepickers, this is all high street!’ We dress like normal, working-class lads because that’s who we are."


Come by and stay a while, we really like them. We’ve got special election Cupyours cakes, taterhash, carrot corner from the Real Roxanne and this week’s special ale - Nangreaves based Leyden Brewery’s ’Raglan Sleeve’. 4.6% dark red with a hip-hoppy aroma and dry roast taste. Doors open at 12, FC United of Manchester members only, one guest per member.

Malcolmses, where love is the licensee.

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First Posted ~ 15:38 Thu 16 Oct 2008
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Last Updated ~ 12:55 Mon 21 May 2018