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A Fine Lung M:SPG...

There is a new publication to be released at the game this Saturday and it’s called ’A Fine Lung M:SPG’. It’s effectively a written product of a not for profit, Manchester writers’ co-op. Reds have written for the publication for freemans. All profits are to go to the Development Fund. The co-op has negotiated a rate with the printers. Everything else has been given, written, edited, photographed, designed, proof read, delivered and sold for free and with love. We have done a print run of 500. The double sized issue is priced at £2 as all the other fanzines of equal size are. The money towards our new ground will be £500 richer if we sell the 500.

As last season ended eleven writers, many with vast experience of writing within the established United fanzines, quietly got together and discussed the possibility of ’A Fine Lung’ coming into existence. Those eleven went out mid July and procured the first wave, of what they consider to be, some of the best red writers in the Manchester area. With Duff to Duns to Davies we’ve definitely got the Ds covered. There are many, many more that we will be knocking on the door of and hopefully they won’t pretend we’re the rent man and hide behind the chest of drawers. With quiet determination, and £50 thrown in a piece, we got there on Sunday the 10th of August as she was tenderly released from our warm arms and delivered for print. The result, we hope, will be a little part of Manchester represented in word at the wrong end of the tramlines when you see it being sold at the ground.

Together, as always, we’ll build this club of ours with the care and understanding it deserves. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be very adult language and very ’adult’ themes within AFLM:SPG’s pages as we never found a single nun that would work with us and thereby quell our excesses. You’ve been warned. But warmed. Pull up the deckchair of love and come rest awhile"¦

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First Posted ~ 14:36 Mon 11 Aug 2008
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Last Updated ~ 12:55 Mon 21 May 2018