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Fund The Foundations Update - February 2024

Firstly, apologies for the delay in this month’s update. We’ve been waiting on various things and this piece has been written and rewritten numerous times! But we finally got there in the end, so here’s February’s update…

8 months down...4 to go…and the first year target of £20k is in sight!

The total in the bank at the end of February was a whopping £17,404.13, meaning we’re 87% of the way there.

£2064.50 was added during February, made up of £1404.50 from monthly direct debits (slightly down from last month) and £660 in one-off donations. I’m not privy to which supporters made the one-off donations, and due to data protection laws I’m not certain I could say even if I did, but a huge thanks to everyone who donated! I think I’m safe to thank Pete Wharton, John Clough and Chris B for their continued support in raising funds for FTF…it’s massively appreciated.

In other news, we had our latest meeting at the start of the month where we discussed various things including upcoming fundraisers and debt repayments. We’ll let you know the details regarding these as soon as we can, but in the meantime we’re extremely excited about the latest FTF fundraiser to be announced…The Fans Match on 4th May. It promises to be an incredible occasion where your dreams of scoring the winner infront of the SMRE could come true! For all details please see the thread on the members' forum.
Now on to the prizes, and February’s was the chance for someone to be etched into the history of BP with their very own brick, and the draw for this took place following the Fenix Trophy game against Dragoons. As usual anyone who had donated to FTF up until the end of February was entered, and the lucky winner has now been contacted and they’ll be having their name or message displayed at the ground forever!

March’s prize is a money can’t buy opportunity where we’re offering the chance to be Assistant Manager for the day at our final home game of the season against Lancaster! Get to see what Reno and his staff get up to behind the scenes, see how the players prepare, and who knows maybe even deliver a team talk that spurs the team on to a rousing win! If you haven’t signed up already, what more of an incentive could you need?!

On the subject of signing up to FTF, if we can match February’s total again in March, then at the end of this month we’d be up to £19,468.63 in the bank. It’s a big ask but that’s just over £600 away from the magic £20k mark, so if anyone can dig deep and fire over some one-off donations it will really help. As we’ve already seen since the inception of FTF, literally a few quid here and there from as many supporters as possible really does start to add up.

For anyone who is able to donate, or sign up to a monthly direct debit then here’s the link to do so…


First Posted ~ 09:34 Wed 20 Mar 2024
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Last Updated ~ 07:08 Thu 21 Mar 2024