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Fund the Foundations - May update

We’re over the moon with the current total which now stands at a whopping £24,331.22 after 11 months. Roughly 122% of our first year target of £20k!

Monthly direct debits have risen again to £1611.50, which has more than doubled since the first month of FTF (£758.50)

We had our second best month of one-off donations too, with a total of £2144.72 being added to the coffers. This was largely due to the hugely successful fans match which we'll certainly be running again next year. Thanks ever so much to everyone who attended, played, managed, refereed, donated and also a huge well done to Aled for organising it all. There was some giddy excitement within the FTF group with video footage emerging of Aled's sublime Cruyff turn and cross being expertly dispatched by two goal hero Dan Marran-Jones...Reno, Reno, sign them up!

We've got one month to go until the first 12 months have been completed, and we'll be announcing further plans and the new target for the next 12 months as soon as we can.

In the meantime thanks again to everyone who has supported FTF in any way during these first 11 months. Its been a proper team effort from hundreds of us, and the FTF group really appreciate everyone's continued help and support.

The FTF Team
Chantal Adams
Aled Duckfield
Dan Ford
Nadim Hammad
Dan Marran-Jones
David Platt
Alex Tongu

First Posted ~ 10:00 Thu 13 Jun 2024
News ID ~ 9899
Last Updated ~ 18:14 Sun 23 Jun 2024