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Digital Ticketing Trial - Fenix Trophy Home Games

We would like to inform co-owners that we will be using our two upcoming Fenix Trophy home games as trials for potential digital ticketing solutions. We are trialing systems from two companies - Fanbase (Vinsky match) and JustTikit (Dragoons FC match) - which allow fans to purchase tickets in advance. Both ticketing companies have agreed to provide the trials free of charge.

Current system

Our current ticketing system is largely similar to that in 2005 and requires a lot of manual work by staff and volunteers. The process for selling, processing and posting of season tickets and membership cards takes our dedicated volunteers many weeks over the summer months, with memberships being a continual stream of work all year round. Without this team of volunteers who give up a huge number of hours every year, we would not be able to carry out this function in a timely way which would be acceptable to season ticket holders and co-owners. In addition, our match day ticketing operations are largely based on manual recording via the turnstiles.

Potential new system

If we were to adopt such a system as those tested in the trials, it would become the point of purchase for memberships, season tickets and match tickets (for those who want to purchase in advance). The system would replace our membership database, which our regular uses feel has served its purpose and should be replaced. We feel the experience of purchasing season tickets and memberships needs to be improved, especially as we are committed to attracting new and younger fans and co-owners.

The option to make your purchases via the office – in person or over the phone – or at the membership stall will be retained. Those who do not have a smart phone or do not wish to use the app will have the option of a physical season ticket being created to gain entry. This will likely be a card with a barcode printed on – generated and produced by our volunteers and staff on-site.

Memberships purchased through the app will generate a digital membership card, with the option retained for those who wish to receive a physical membership card – this will continue to be produced on-site by our volunteers and staff. Membership numbers will be retained and future membership purchases will create new membership numbers.

Differences with Eventim

In 2017 the club entered into a ticketing partnership with Eventim. The arrangement faced a number of problems in terms of reliability and ticketing and membership was brought back under the previous arrangements in 2018. The club feels technology has improved since our partnership with Eventim, with many using similar systems to the two trials to travel, enter music and other sporting venues and even use as discount cards when shopping.

Whereas Eventim used a card system with a chip installed, the two systems we are trialing are based on barcodes generated by an app installed on a phone. This barcode can be added to your ‘phone wallet’ much the same as buying a train or plane ticket on your phone. Turnstile volunteers will use a phone device to scan the barcode and grant entry into the ground. Season tickets will act in the same way and the barcode will allow entry into each home league game, just as your ticket book does. Match day tickets can be bought in advance on the app, although the option of pay on the gate via cash or card will of course be retained for those who prefer.

Play your part

These trials are an important step in the assessment of their ability to perform our ticketing and membership functions to a standard which is beneficial to our volunteers and staff, but also to you as fans and co-owners. The greater the number who take part in the trials the greater the level of information we will be able to base an assessment on. We believe this could be an important step to improve the season ticket and membership purchasing experience, simplify club operations and provide opportunities to increase our revenue.

Those who support the club in these trials will receive a complimentary Pound for the Ground ticket at the respective game – meaning you will be supporting your club and also giving yourself the chance of winning the top prize of £200.

We encourage everyone attending to purchase your ticket in advance to help make the trial as beneficial as possible.  Note that the turnstiles will still be accepting cash and card payments as usual, however two of the turnstiles will be reserved for pre-bought tickets only

Buy your tickets for the latest game in this year’s European adventure here: 




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