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Minithon: Who's Chasing Who?

Starts Sunday at Noon on Chorlton Green, then watch the FA Cup draw and laugh with James Quinn’s comedy poets in Chorlton Irish Club

The big story of the week is in the Player’s Stakes where women’s midfielder, Adora Yau (£125), chased by Matt Wolfenden (£35), has stormed to the front and looks like pipping her colleague, Kirsty Chambers (£105) at the post. John Marsden (£25) is making a brave effort to lead the rest of his table topping women’s team with Jade Challender (£20), on crutches, Hayley O’Hara, Maya Germain, and Broghan Matthews going toe to toe with Nicky Platt (£20). .And with the women’s team (whose cup match is off)planning to do Sunday’s 5k FC Minithon in fancy dress!

Andy Walsh says; "It’s not too late to join them and participate in this year’s Minithon and help build funds for the club and equipment for the ACE Centre charity. We still need another 60 participants. It’s always a fun day out but with serious intent."

Just click here *link no longer active*

Last year went like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4OrE01luiE

But! This year in Chorlton, we not only have a new route, we also have:
the new FC Women’s team joining us, with some in fancy dress
a big screen TV to watch the FA Cup 1st round draw -to see who we will, might or would have played - at the Afterrun social in Chorlton Irish Club
prizes for fancy dress, fastest dog & owner etc. (scroll down for details)
Comedy poets including Emmerdale Sleuth, James Quinn
meet the women’s team who’ll now be at the social because their cup match is off

Meanwhile the old grey mare, Tom Stott (£300) has extended his lead in the supporters’ fund-racing but needs to watch out for the fast finishing Holly Gallimore (£100) who has already overtaken veteran Andy Walsh (£100) and is aiming for Nick Dixon (£165) and Southern Minithon leader Jonathan Allsopp (£125). Not far behind is the young grey mare, Vinny Thompson (£80), moving steadily through the field and on the tail of ACE’s Jean Jones (£90).

So, now is your time to join the players on the Stroll of Honour.

Click on the links below if you want to back a player or entrant.

Tom Stott £300
Nick Dixon £165
Jonathan Allsopp £125
Holly Gallimore £110
Andy Walsh £100
Jean Jones £90
Michael Burtonwood Junior £80
Vinny Thompson £80
The Hargreaves £75
Glyn Williams £70
Janet Yarwood £60
Hannah Westwood £50
Harvey Gallimore £50

Leading Players

Adora Yau £125
Kirsty Chambers £105
Matt Wolfenden £35
John Marsden £25
Nicky Platt £20
Hayley O’Hara £20
Maya Germain £20
Broghan Matthews £20
Jade Challender £20

Kate Ramsey http://www.justgiving.com/KateRamsey2012
Olivia Smith http://www.justgiving.com/OliviaSmith2012
Jade Challender http://www.justgiving.com/JadeChallender
Amy Gillingham http://www.justgiving.com/AmyGillingham
Amy Battel http://www.justgiving.com/AmyBattel
Beth Hayes http://www.justgiving.com/BethHayes
Broghan Matthews http://www.justgiving.com/BroghanMatthews
Amy Vyas https://www.justgiving.com/AmyVyas
Kayleigh Catterall http://www.justgiving.com/KayleighCatterall
Kirsty Chambers http://www.justgiving.com/KirstyChambers2012
Francesca Davies http://www.justgiving.com/FrancescaDavies2012
Maya Germain http://www.justgiving.com/MayaGermain
Olivia Greenhaugh http://www.justgiving.com/OliviaGreenhaugh
Claire O’Reillyhttp://www.justgiving.com/ClaireOReilly2012
Beth Tattersall http://www.justgiving.com/BethTattersall
Jessica Wynne http://www.justgiving.com/JessicaWynne
Adora Yau http://www.justgiving.com/AdoraYau
Hayley O’Hara http://www.justgiving.com/HayleyOHara
Andy Rowan http://www.justgiving.com/AndyRowan2012
Neil Kershaw http://www.justgiving.com/NeilKershaw2012
Sue O’Brien http://www.justgiving.com/SueOBrien2012
John Marsden & Bracken http://www.justgiving.com/JohnMarsdenBracken
James Spencer http://www.justgiving.com/James-Spencer2012
Jon Worsnop http://www.justgiving.com/JonWorsnop2012
Charlie Anderson http://www.justgiving.com/CharlieAnderson2012
Adam Jones http://www.justgiving.com/Adam-Jones2012
Lee Neville http://www.justgiving.com/LeeNeville2012-3
Dean Stott http://www.justgiving.com/Dean-Stott2012
Dave Birch http://www.justgiving.com/DaveBirch2012
Scott Cheetham http://www.justgiving.com/ScottCheetham2012
Jake Cottrell http://www.justgiving.com/Jake-Cottrell2012
Nicky Platt http://www.justgiving.com/Nicky2012
Jerome Wright http://www.justgiving.com/JeromeWright2012
Carlos Roca http://www.justgiving.com/Carlos2012
Mike Norton http://www.justgiving.com/Mike-Norton2012
Matthew Wolfenden http://www.justgiving.com/Matt-Wolfenden2012
Matthew Carr http://www.justgiving.com/MatthewCarr2012-3
Greg Daniels http://www.justgiving.com/GregDaniels2012
Karl Marginson http://www.justgiving.com/MarginsonsArmy2012
Chuks Akuneto http://www.justgiving.com/Chuks2012
Paul Chapman http://www.justgiving.com/PaulChapman2012-13
Tom Stott http://www.justgiving.com/Tom-Stott2
Nick Dixon http://www.justgiving.com/Nic-Dixon
Tony Jones http://www.justgiving.com/Tony-Jones6
Michael Burtonwood junior http://www.justgiving.com/Michael-Burtonwood1
Hannah Westwood http://www.justgiving.com/HannahWestwood1995
John England http://www.justgiving.com/John-England2
Trafford Branch http://www.justgiving.com/TraffordBranch2012
Andy Walsh http://www.justgiving.com/Andy-Walsh1
Janet Yarwood https://www.justgiving.com/JanetYarwood
Jonathan Allsopp https://www.justgiving.com/Jonathan-Allsopp1
Jean Jones https://www.justgiving.com/Jean-JonesLP
The Hargreaves https://www.justgiving.com/David-Hargreaves1
FCUM Course Marshals http://www.justgiving.com/FC-Minithon-Marshals
Glyn Williams http://www.justgiving.com/GlynMinithon2012
Vinny Thompson http://www.justgiving.com/vinny-thompson1
Gary Heaford
Lucy Gordon
Bernie Gordon
Mary Leck
Geoff Leck
Liam Blishen
Carol Blishen
Jonathan Blishen
Keira Jones
Phil Bradbury
Graham Crean
Aled Duckfield http://www.justgiving.com/duckfieldminithon2012
Angie Bartholomew
Stewart Davies
Stephen L Poole
Chris Ayton
Pete Burke
Anne Sherwin
Sofia Frampton http://www.justgiving.com/SofiaFrampton
Paul Hinson
Richard Hargreaves
Janet Hargreaves
David Hargreaves
Anna Reeves
Holly Gallimore https://Justgiving.com/Holly-Gallimore1
Sean Gallimore https://www.justgiving.com/Holly-Gallimore1
Harvey Gallimore https://www.justgiving.com/Harvey-Gallimore
Alex Gallimore https://www.justgiving.com/Harvey-Gallimore
Alan Bush
Phil Mair
Sara Dale
Paul Whitehead https://www.justgiving.com/Newtonheathbranch
Chris Webb
Jack Webb
Christopher Small
Angie McCormack
Rebecca McCormack
Lisa Farrand
Brian Farrand
Stephen Carroll
Tristin Martin

FC Manchester Minithon Prize Categories

Best Headgear
Best Dressed Female
Best Dressed Male
First dog and owner
Best Dressed Branch
All Runners Raffle Winner
Fastest Male Junior (u18)
Fastest Female Junior (u18)
Fastest Veteran (over 50)
Fastest Female*
Fastest Male*
Fastest Female Player
Fastest Male Player
Entrants must have raised at least £50 sponsorship to be eligible.

Prizes include:

A £195 gents BREIL chronograph watch from Hoysons hoysons@me.com
’Anytime 3 month Complimentary Y Club Membership’ at Castlefield’s YClub http://www.yclub.org.uk
A dog bed from Gulp products
An organic hamper from Unicorn Grocery
FC signed shirts
A paintball games voucher for 10 people from DeltaForce from
A set of five Urban Art prints from Mike Edge
His n Hers leather wallets from Lichfield Leather http://lichfieldleather.com
L’oreal men’s and women’s hair treatment packs, travel packs and anti-fatigue lotion
£20 voucher for "meal for two" at the Ox Noble in Manchester

Made a justgiving page and can’t see yourself on this list? Please send your justgiving link to philframpton@fc-utd.co.uk

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