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A beginner’s guide to finances at a non-league football club

Everyone involved at FC United is aware of the huge impact our volunteers make on our club on a yearly basis and we are lucky enough to benefit from a group of fantastic writers who produce an exceptional level of content to keep co-owners up to date with club activity.

Jonathan Allsopp has been helping the club to summarise monthly board meetings for some time now and has put together a beginner’s guide to finance at FC United. How much income do we generate? What do we spend that money on? How does the football ground that we worked so hard to build and is a source of pride for us all affect our finances nearly nine years since we moved to Moston? And how do our finances compare to other clubs, particularly fellow fan-owned ones?

This is a fantastic piece of work and we would encourage all co-owners to read it on the members’ forum by clicking the link below. If you have difficulty accessing the forum please email membership@fc-utd.uk or ring 0161 769 2005

The piece is available to read here.

If you have an interest in non-league football, the finances of clubs at our level or believe the supporter-ownership model provides a sustainable alternative to the models of excess and greed higher up the pyramid, consider becoming a co-owner and for just £25 a year you will enjoy pieces like this, monthly board, operational & finances and more. Join here.


First Posted ~ 15:44 Thu 28 Mar 2024
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Last Updated ~ 15:46 Thu 28 Mar 2024