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Fund the Foundations Update

We’re now approaching four months into the life of Fund the Foundations and we have a further update to provide on progress for the month of October.

Where we are

  • Direct debits increased again and have steadily risen from £758 in July to £1147 in October.
  • Cash in the bank: £6,778.45 as of end of October which means we are 1/3 of the way to our £20k target with 8 months left to play.
  • We had our first event planned for the end of the month – Retro Revival. Sadly, we have decided to cancel the event due to slow sales on the tickets so far. It’s been a learning curve for the Fund the Foundations team, although we hope to have an announcement regarding one of the Christmas games.
  • Co-owner Dave Smith has taken on the gigantic task of the Hardwolds 80 which will take place over the 25th & 26th November. Dave will be running the 80-mile circuit and raising money for Fund the Foundations at the same time! We’re aiming for £800 and we’re currently 60% of the way there, if you can spare some money, please consider supporting Dave and Fund the Foundations.

This month’s prize

Another month of course means another great prize up for grabs for those who have contributed to the fund. Last month’s £40 match day drinks voucher has been awarded and no doubt will be used to lubricate those vocal cords on the 18th vs Guiseley. This month we have a prize which can be the answer to the cold, dark evenings as they begin to set in – a 12-month subscription to our holiday draw! Yes, you’ve read that right, everyone who has contributed to Fund the Foundations between its inception in July and the end of November will be entered into a special draw to award the lucky winner a 12-month chance of winning the monthly prize of £1,000 in holiday vouchers.

What we can achieve

If every co-owner of our club donated £20 a month, for the next twenty-four months we would achieve our aim of paying off the debt on our Broadhurst Park home. Sign up for £20 a month here. We understand not all of our membership will be in a position to do this and any donations are hugely appreciated. So far we have received donations from 159 very generous individuals; ranging from £1 to those donations in the hundreds of pounds – each and every one contributing to our aim of reducing the debt on our ground.

How do I sign up?

Full details on how to sign up can be found here. If you’ve been meaning to but haven’t got round to it, or keep putting it off because of the hassle of signing up via your bank, our links via Go Cardless will do all the hassle for you with just a few clicks needed.

AGM news

We are delighted there will be a resolution to debate and vote on at the upcoming AGM to govern Fund the Foundations into the future: That the Club will establish a “Fund The Foundations” scheme, dedicated to raising money to help repay historic debts incurred as a result of the construction of Broadhurst Park. Money raised towards this fund will be ringfenced for the purpose of debt repayment and must not be used for any other purpose.’

And finally…

Co-owner Alex Tonge is the latest to join the Development Fund committee and we’re always keen for more members to join. If you would like more information, or support on holding your own Development Fund or Fund the Foundations event or fundraiser please email developmentfund@fc-utd.uk

Current committee members

  • Chantal Adams
  • Dan Ford
  • Nadim Hammad
  • David Platt
  • Alex Tonge

First Posted ~ 18:27 Wed 8 Nov 2023
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Last Updated ~ 15:45 Tue 14 Nov 2023