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Fund the Foundations Update

It’s now been 14 weeks since the launch of Fund the Foundations, described as “a fan-led donation scheme, ring-fenced for the sole purpose of reducing the debt on our Broadhurst Park home.” These past weeks have seen a good start in establishing the scheme and now we’re looking to kick on. A target of £20,000 was set for the first year and if the level of direct debits stay as they are we are already 68% of the way there!

Our first event is pencilled in for Saturday 25th November. We are delighted to announce we will be hosting Retro Revival; an FC United vinyl night. After (hopefully) getting 3 points against Matlock Town it’s everyone back up to the main bar for a good night out – and some fundraising for those foundations. There’ll be quizzes, a raffle, food and plenty of music! FC co-owner Simon Howarth (DJ Eagle) will be setting up in the bar and spinning his vinyl and there will also be the opportunity for other DJs amongst our fanbase to play their records. So if you’ve always wanted to show off to your fellow Reds those trendy B-sides, then this is your chance. Email developmentfund@fc-utd.uk to register your interest in playing records on the night. Tickets are priced at £8 (includes food) and can be bought through the club shop here.

Just by magic there happens to be another Fund the Foundations fundraiser taking place that weekend, yet this time we’re taking it on the road. Dave Smith has very kindly agreed to tackle a gigantic task by taking part in the Hardwolds 80; an 80-mile run (yes 80!) which follows the Wolds Way from Hessle to Filey. Dave is an experienced runner but this will be his furthest distance so far, so whilst we’re dancing in the main bar, we should spare a thought for Dave and his likely very sore feet! You can donate to Dave’s newly-launched fundraiser here. With our AGM coming up, keep an eye out for a resolution to be debated and voted on governing Fund the Foundations going forwards.

Although the level of debt from our ground build is significant, it isn’t insurmountable. This is a club which refused to accept the Glazer Family’s disastrous takeover of Manchester United and set about on a different path to show how football can be different. We are a fanbase which raised over £500,000 to build our own ground through the club’s Development Fund, helping to achieve our long-held dream of owning our own home.

At the time of writing we have 2158 co-owners of this club of ours. If we all join together and sign up for Fund the Foundations, it will be another chapter in FC United’s history of taking on adversity and showing the collective fighting spirit of supporter-ownership in action. We have set out the scale of our potential fundraising below, if each of us were to sign up for this fan-led scheme for 12 months:

For less than the price of a pint each month, we could not only meet our £20,000 target, but smash it! There will be some amongst our membership who will be able to contribute more, this is a great way to help those who may find it difficult to find the money each month to sign up. The links above will take you straight to the direct debit and within 5 clicks you will be a fully-fledged signed up member of Fund the Foundations. We accept any contribution, whether it be as a one-off donation or as a direct debit – click here for more information

Each month we are holding a draw in the bar pre-match, giving those who have donated the chance to win a series of great prizes. So far these have included: one of the new red home shirts, a junior season ticket, kids merchandise from the club shop, an FC United branded wallet and this month we are very excited to announce the prize is a £40 drinks voucher – to be cashed in at Broadhurst Park.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for Fund the Foundations yet, do so today and let’s get those foundations funded.


First Posted ~ 10:28 Mon 30 Oct 2023
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Last Updated ~ 07:49 Thu 9 Nov 2023