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City of Liverpool E-Programme 5th September

City of Liverpool E-Programme 5th SeptemberFor our first home game of the season with fans, albeit a limited number, we have produced another full size programme, though we can’t print them, we are making it available for download.

See the links below to read it as a PDF document. We would really appreciate it that if you download it you chip in a couple of quid towards the cost of production, and to help us get through this incredibly lean period for the club financially.

We would love nothing more than to have Broadhurst Park back to capacity, rocking with two sets of vocal fans, but for now it is out of our hands so we have worked hard to provide a virtual matchday, with the live stream of the game and this, the programme.

Please help your club and chuck in a couple of quid in return for original content written specifically for this issue including:

Reno’s Review
Broadhurst News
Welcome our visitors to FC
Meet the Owners
Kamran Hussein Interview
Stats Entertainment
Fan Owned clubs - Cava United
plus more......

Click here to donate the cost of the programme - £2 is the usual cover price

Thank you for donating, every penny helps us do what we do.

Click here to download the City of Liverpool programme

Thank you

First Posted ~ 05:10 Sat 5 Sep 2020
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Last Updated ~ 16:00 Fri 19 Feb 2021