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Chesterfield game fundraising totals

Chesterfield game fundraising totalsA fantastic 1,315 Pound for the Ground tickets were sold at the Chesterfield game on Monday 9 November 2015, raising £1,065 was raised for the Development Fund. The first two prizes have been claimed but the fudge hamper and breakfast for two are waiting to be claimed.
The winning ticket numbers were as follows: -

14009 - 1st prize £200 (claimed)
11855 - 2nd prize £50 (claimed)
13739 - 3rd prize Fudge Hamper
14900 - 4th prize Breakfast for two

For the first time in the barrel collection, there were almost as many foreign coins as English ones. A very generous supporter had given lots of Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Australian and many more, all bagged and sorted. There was also a cheque for £20 and about 20 euros. The total contributions came to £155 (the foreign stuff we will change in the future).
We therefore raised a grand total of £1,220 for the DF from the Chesterfield game.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute on such a busy night. The barrels will be out and about for our home league game this Saturday.

The running total for the season now stands at £13,459 raised for the DF from home matches.

First Posted ~ 23:59 Fri 13 Nov 2015
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