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Boston United Barrel & PFTG Draw

Boston United Barrel & PFTG DrawThe barrel collection for the Boston game brought in £383.46 for the club, with an extra £80 donated between the match and the barrel counting from the barrels left inside the ground.

There was also a 10 Euro note which will be changed in due course along with assorted foreign currency that we are accumulating.

Someone has also dug very deep down the back of the sofa - there were two halfpenny pieces, one dated 1941 and the other 1962!

There were also three commemorative crowns from 1972 and 1977 still in their display boxes.

The DF turnstile netted an additional £685.18 whilst the Buy a Pint for the DF brought in £75.57.

The PFTG draw brought in a total of £783.40 after the prize money had been taken out. The winning ticket totals were as follows:

£200: 404
£50: 1210
Fudge Hamper: 401

First Posted ~ 15:42 Tue 3 Jan 2017
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Last Updated ~ 16:00 Fri 19 Feb 2021