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Cheadle Pub Guide

Cheadle Pub Guide

Cheadle Town away - 15th October (There are 2 Park Roads in Cheadle this is the one near to M60).

Just in case anybody fancies a drink before or after the game at Cheadle!

If you are travelling by car follow the directions as per the official site.


Get there early and get your parking space. I would recommend not trying to get down Park Road as it will be reserved parking only on the day of the match park up somewhere on or off the main road instead.

The Social Club is next to the pitch but it will only be open to Stand and Enclosure ticket holders (£5 and £6) and the bar will close at 2.30pm It is compact but will do just the job for those arriving early at the stadium (a kind of reward!)

The Pub nearest the ground is the Red Lion, quite a big place that also has some seating outside, only 5 minutes walk to the ground and like virtually all pubs in the area it is a Robinson’s Pub (£2 a pint for bitter) it does do food and looks a good bet for pre and post match drinks (see also Royal Oak Below).

There are also 2 smaller Robinson’s pubs between the Motorway turn off and Park Road these are The Queens and the Printers Arms, both are traditional little boozers and you would certainly get a decent pint.

There has been a bit of debate as to what is the best transport mode and route if you are not in the car; this one seems popular;

Train/Bus replacement service to East Didsbury station.

You then need to get across the A34 (Kingsway) to the big pub on the Junction of Manchester Road and Kingsway - diagonally opposite the Newish Megabowl style complex. The Pub is called the Gateway - Opens at 12 and is a Hydes Pub food also available. For anyone wanting a pint earlier there is a bar in the Megabowl complex opposite. From there it’s a 2 mile walk to Cheadle centre - I would recommend getting a taxi you would only miss 1 pub on the way.

If you walk down Manchester Rd towards Cheadle you will get to the Cheshire Line Tavern after half a mile. A bit of a standard chain pub - nowt special but would break up journey - you would need it.

As you get into Cheadle centre the Alexandra Hospital is on your right (you might need it after the walk!), opposite is your next pub a Chef & Brewer place called the Ashlea, again standard food on offer - but a very decent pint of Guinness too. After leaving there you come to a T Junction where you need to turn left towards the Ground and away from where the shops mainly are.

At this Junction you will see a big pub opposite called the George and Dragon which is run by blues and for blues. It’s a free country but so many other decent alehouse around the consensus is to give it a wide berth.

After turning left there is the very tidy Royal Oak on your right hand side - spoke to the Landlord, Peter who seems really keen on accommodating FC United supporters, even said he would consider putting up a marquee if there’s likely to be a few, he is open from 11.00am does food and gets my vote! Again it’s a Robbies pub, but more reasonable prices.

A further 5 minute walk and you are at the Red Lion (see top of page).

All above appear child friendly (except Printers Arms and Queens where we were unable to check).

There are a couple of other boozers in Cheadle but further from the ground.

As always have fun, drink, be happy, don’t worry!

Look forward to the next instalment at Eccleshall - if the liver lasts!

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