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Donate Your Unwanted Mobile Phones - Updated

Supporters @ Please Donate Your Unwanted Mobile Phones

FC United in conjunction with The Phone Recycler are collecting unwanted mobile phones to raise funds. Any type of mobile phone, any condition, with or without the charger, can be donated.

Help us to raise funds for your club and at the same time help the environment.

On average each home has 3 unwanted phones, which tend to be disposed of with the household refuse and will eventually find their way to landfill sites. Recycling of phones will reduce landfill and prevent dangerous substances e.g. arsenic, lead and mercury, leaking
from the phone into the ground.

How you can help
- Collect as many mobile phones as you can
- Ask family, friends, colleagues and employers if they have any unwanted phones
- Bring your phones with you to any home game until the end of the season. Phones can be left at Reception 1 before kick off.

Please offer your support @ do your bit for the environment! Every phone that you donate will raise funds for FC United of Manchester.

Many thanks for your support.

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First Posted ~ 09:24 Tue 20 Mar 2007
News ID ~ 892
Last Updated ~ 17:40 Fri 11 Oct 2013