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Inclusivity at FC

Inclusivity at FC

Following on from highly successful launch of our Disabled Supporters Group, our friends at Level Playing Field have sent us some guidance on the appropriate use of language around disability.

Clearly everyone here at FC works hard to ensure that our Club is, and remains, an inclusive community for all to enjoy and as such we’d ask supporters to take a few minutes out and read the guidelines below.

At FC we pride ourselves on doing things differently, but also on doing things right.

Person with a disability, cripple, invalid, handicappedDisabled person
Able-bodied / NormalNon-disabled person
Confined to a wheelchair, wheelchair-bound, a wheelchair (when referring to the person who uses it)A wheelchair user
Afflicted by, suffers from, victim ofHas [name of condition or disability]
Mentally handicapped, Mentally defective, Retarded, Subnormal, simplelearning (or intellectually) disabled person
An Epileptic, Diabetic, Depressive, etc.A person with epilepsy or someone who has epilepsy, diabetes, depression, etc.
SpasticA person with cerebral palsy
Mental patient, Insane, MadA person with a mental health condition
The deaf, Deaf and dumb; Deaf muteA person who is Deaf and / or hard of hearing
The blind, visually impairedA blind person and / or partially sighted person
MidgetA person with restricted growth or short stature
Fits, Spells, AttacksA person who has seizures
Disabled toilet / entrance / parkingAccessible toilet / entrance / parking

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First Posted ~ 11:08 Fri 13 Oct 2017
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