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The Board Election

The Board Election

The deadline has now closed for nominations from candidates who wish to stand in the forthcoming election of Board members. The Board now wishes to release the following information about the number of vacancies on the Club Board and the number of candidates standing for election.

Two vacancies on the Club Board were created, but never filled, by the death of Russell Delaney and the resignation of Andy Walsh (to become General Manager of the Club).

In addition, Joe Tully has informed the Board that he wishes to resign from the Board with effect from the end of the Annual General Meeting. Joe has recently changed jobs and he no longer feels able to commit the time to the position that he believes it merits. Joe has told the Board that he would like to stay involved with the running of the Club as much as much as his time allows, and he leaves with the thanks of the Board for his contribution since he was elected.

Rule 64 of the Club’s Constitution provides that half of the members of the Club Board first elected by the Members (to be chosen by lot) will resign from office at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, the Rule also provides that, when there is an uneven number of elected directors (as is the case with the Club Board) approximately half of the elected Board shall resign.

Taking into account the vacancies created by Russell’s death and Andy’s and Joe’s departures, the Board has determined that a further three directors should resign and stand for re-election. Following the drawing of lots, Adam Brown, Martin Morris and Pete Munday have presented their resignations to the Board, with effect from the end of the Annual General Meeting, and they offer themselves for re-election.

Consequently, there are six vacancies on the Club’s Board. The five existing directors who have not resigned on this occasion will resign and, if they choose, offer themselves for re-election at next year’s Annual General Meeting. The directors elected to fill the six vacancies on the Club Board at the end of this Annual General Meeting will resign and, if they wish, stand for re-election at the 2008 Annual General Meeting.

The Board has received three nominations from candidates who wish to be elected to the Club Board, in addition to the nominations of Adam, Martin and Pete. Each of the candidates, including Adam, Martin and Pete, have provided the Club with summaries of why they would like to be voted onto the Club Board and what they believe the have to offer the Club. Those summaries are reproduced below.

Although there are six vacancies on the Club Board, and only six candidates standing for election, the Club Board has decided to proceed with the formal election process, so that the candidates may join the Club Board with a mandate from the Membership.

The Notice of Annual General Meeting, to be despatched to Members in due course, will contain details of how the Members may vote in the Board election.

Candidates Summaries

Adam Brown

MUFC for 30 years, IMUSA founder member, involved in Murdoch/Glazer battles, Steering Group member and active FC board member. FCUM is the most progressive development in our football in recent times and we must never forget why we are here, what we can achieve and the radical potential of the club. If re-elected I will continue to bring what experience I have to:
- making FC a club that is accessible and of benefit to our communities;
- developing our facilities;
- promoting and defending FCUM as a democratic, not for profit, cooperative fan-owned football club.

Alan Hargrave

Alan (fletchermoss) Hargrave - From 1973 I was a home and away red missing only a handful of games until Glazer took over. I walked from Old Trafford on May 12 2005 and it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I don’t want another generation of United fans to experience similar pain. I was active in both the battles against Murdoch and Glazer. As a Headteacher I am involved with Stretford and district football teams and was a former selector for Manchester boys under 11s. I am committed to help foster vital links between schools, their communities and THEIR football club.

Martin Morris

Fourth generation Manchester United fan, Steering Group member, UWS contributor and FCUM board member from last year’s GM to this. My ongoing contributions to your football club were as a member of the Community sub-group and as the board member responsible for supporter liaison, in part in conjunction with the Supporters’ Network. My total commitment is to the line within the club’s manifesto about making FC "accessible to all, discriminating against none". I also seek to represent FC United fans that see no distinction between MUFC and FCUM, except for the legal ownership of the two.

Pete Munday

As a founder member of the Steering Committee and an existing Board Member, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved to date together with our army of volunteers and supporters. With my finance background, my principal contribution has been in helping put the club on a financially-sound basis. But we still have a long way to go in promoting the FC United message and getting our game back. If re-elected, I would wish to widen our supporter-base and, in particular, build stronger relationships with other independent Manchester United supporters groups.

Michael Turton

After following Manchester United for over 30 years I withdrew my funding, but not my love, in May 2005. I have written as Twomowers in United We Stand for several years. I have also written for the FC match programme and trade union publications. I seek to represent United fans that sorely miss going to O.T. but whose principles prevent it. If elected I aim to contribute to the ongoing excellent work of the current board in the development of FC while always remembering our roots. I’ve been a union rep since 1994. C’mon kids you know it makes sense.

Alison Watt

Match-going red for 30+ years. Served on IMUSA committee. Founding member SU/MUST. Ran a MUFC branch. As ’Portia Vale’ contribute to fanzines, particularly Under The Boardwalk. Work as a mad scientist. In sane moments I’m a senior manager organising laboratories for the NHSBT (Blood and Transplant) employing 600+ staff. Useful skills include people and project management, business and marketing planning, good communicator. FA qualified referee - know the laws better than Graham Poll. If I ruled the world I’d make all clubs fan-owned. If I were on the board of FC United I’d be prouder than ruling the world.

The Board, FC United Limited, October 2006.

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