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Barrels and Pound for the Ground update

The barrels and Pound for the Ground draw are up and running and off to a flyer.

The £100 first prize at the Bolton friendly was won by ticket number 7647, who donated £50 back to the Development Fund barrels. £220 tickets were sold leaving £120 for the DF. There was £61 in the barrel collection plus the £50 donation making a total of £111.

On to our first home game at Le Stade de Gigg against title favourites Fylde, and a very healthy 620 tickets were sold on the night. The winning ticket was 1004 and it was claimed at the following Saturday game. Guess what? FC volunteer "Millsey" gave the FC events organiser £100 towards the next club event and the remaining £100 to the DF barrels. The remaining £420 therefore went straight into the DF. Assorted change in the barrels came to £101 plus the £100 donation from the PFTG winner and we have another £202 into the DF.

Saturday 24 August brought Stamford AFC for their first visit to Gigg Lane and the team sold 655 draw tickets to the "still in holiday mood" supporters. Almost as soon as the draw was made on the pitch, up stepped Baz from the Yarkshire Massif to claim the £200. Despite our protestations to go away and think about it, he had no hesitation in saying "stick it back in the DF" in that cute Halifax drawl that we have grown so fond of!

The barrels were emptied after the game and there was a bounteous £338 plus the £300 donations from the previous draws, making a magnificent total of £638. It would be remiss not to mention the £120 in silver from one anonymous supporter and lots of bags of change that have probably been saved up during the summer months. In addition we had nearly 60 euros, which we can change for English pounds and 27,000 Vietnamese dongs - calm down they are only worth about 96 pence, but our friendly coin dealer will give us a good deal.

Big thanks to all who contributed and especially to the PFTG winners who gave some or all of their winnings back. If you win the draw then don’t feel pressured to tip it back - it is your money and feel free to take it away with you.

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First Posted ~ 00:32 Tue 10 Sep 2013
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Last Updated ~ 00:32 Tue 10 Sep 2013