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Help us turn Apples and Pears into Fabulous Cider

FC are partnering up with a community based business The Moss Cider Project.

We are going to supply them with apples and pears. They keep half to cover their costs and we get half back turned into cider. So we need apples (and pears), lots of them!

100kg will return 25 litres of cider to us (250 litres is 440 pints).

Greater Manchester’s gardens are full of apple and pear trees. Have you got an apple or pear tree in your back garden, mum’s, granny’s or friendly neighbour’s? If so, please harvest them over the next few months and bring them with you on home match days. There will be a collection point next to the Mega Stall.

Practical stuff:

• Pick as near to the day as possible. Ideally not more than 48 hours before.

• First clear the ground of rotten or bruised fruit.

• You’ll know if your apples and pears are ripe if they come off with a simple twist from the stalk. Also your pips should be dark brown, not white.

• The easiest way to pick a tree is to shake it - just be careful.

• Store the apples and pears in plastic bags with a few holes poked through to let them breathe. It’s not so important if you are picking on the day.

We will take orders for the cider in the New Year for distribution in spring 2014.

All money raised will go to the Development Fund for “our new ground.”

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First Posted ~ 16:54 Wed 28 Aug 2013
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