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Choosing a Name for the Club

From the very beginning of its existence, FC United has been proposed as a fully democratic football club. Every member will have a say in how the club is run, and the steering committee is determined that this principle will hold from the very start. As such, the name of the club and the constitution of the board of FC United will be determined by
its members.

As you may have noticed from the communication on Friday, FC United is a working title. The time has now come to choose the name for our new club; and every person who has pledged money is allowed a vote. The voting will begin on Thursday 9th June and closes on Monday 13th at 5pm. As long as you have pledged by Monday 13th at 3pm you will be eligible to vote.

What are the names?

There are four names to choose from: these have been agreed upon by the steering committee from a list of 12. We have spent a lot of time gauging supporters’ opinion on the names, both face to face and on the various internet messageboards. FC United is not on the list because the FA felt it was too generic and would not allow it.

The options are:

FC United of Manchester
FC Manchester Central
AFC Manchester 1878
Newton Heath United FC

How do I vote?

If you have already pledged then you will be contacted either by e-mail or by post to register your vote. If you pledge online before Monday 13th at 3pm then you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to vote; if you want to register by post in time to vote then please send your choice of name with the pledge.

How can I pledge?

You can pledge online at www.fc-utd.co.uk or by sending a cheque payable to "FC United" to

FC United
Suite 80
792 Wilmslow Rd
M20 6UG

If you are pledging by post, please remember to include your vote for the name of the team as we won’t have time to collect your vote otherwise.

What comes next?

At the moment the steering committee is working on obtaining a ground and league registration. Once these, and other essential details, are secured we will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting of members. This will allow a democratic process in which members can stand for, and elect the board and ratify other matters such as the structure of the club. This meeting, with a date to be announced shortly, will be open to all members of the club, including those who wish to join on the night.

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First Posted ~ 10:10 Tue 7 Jun 2005
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