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Two clubs fail to pay FC United

Please see associated news item with apologies from one of the clubs, which we’re delighted to accept with no ill will.
We have therefore removed the name of that club in this story below.

We’re very disappointed to report to our fans and co-owners that two teams we played in friendlies last summer have failed to pay us, despite each having signed our standard friendly agreement. Following a final letter to each club (see below) we are regrettably publicising this.

Sutton Town AFC of the Abacus Lighting CML - Buckingham Insurance Supreme Division have paid nothing, which means we’re out of pocket, because we paid the full cost of coach travel to the game in Nottinghamshire.

Another club sent us an incorrect cheque, which was for less than we were owed. We tried several times to get them to reissue a corrected cheque, but having failed to get an answer, we finally banked it, so that we are at least not out of pocket for that trip.

Our budget depends on getting some income from friendlies, so we always negotiate a 50-50 split of the gate in anticipation that the crowd will usually be far more than 50% FC United fans. The home club keeps all other income, such as sponsorship, programmes, raffles, food and bar takings.

Actions taken:

1. Each club has been contacted many times and copies of the correspondence have been sent to their respective Leagues and FAs.

2. Legal attempts are being made to recover our costs.

3. The friendlies agreement has been amended and clubs will now be asked to pay travelling costs up front, so we will not be out of pocket in future.

4. A final letter was sent to these clubs asking for payment before a given date, or they would be named publicly, which we’ve done here with great regret.

Template letter sent to Sutton Town AFC and another club on 28 April 2011.

Dear XXX

On behalf of FC United of Manchester, your club has been asked several times, in writing, to pay the money you owe us following the friendly game between our teams played last summer (2010). Before the game was played, there was a signed agreement between our two clubs which included a clear explanation of the expected expenses and share of gate money due to FC United of Manchester. So far we have received no payment nor any explanation of your inability to pay and you will be aware that legal processes have been initiated to recover the money.

As a not-for-profit, fans-owned club, we are extremely disappointed to have been treated this way by colleagues within football. We are obliged to inform our co-owners of the situation and as we have well over 3000 members, who each own an equal share of our club, this will be done by means of a story on our website, so your non-payment will become public knowledge.

We would normally prefer to keep such sensitive information confidential, therefore if the money is paid by Monday 9 May 2011, no further action will be taken. If full payment is not received by that date, this letter and any other pertinent details will be published.

Yours etc.

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First Posted ~ 14:58 Sun 15 May 2011
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