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Own your own club - Never too late to become a member

Membership has reopened after the General Meeting, which was held on 7 April, so any lapsed or new co-owners who haven’t joined up for season 2010-11 can apply now. There is still nearly a quarter of the year left, because each season’s membership ends on 30 June. It’s always a good time to own your own club, but perhaps especially now we’ve had the exciting confirmation about a new site for the ground, which is scheduled to be open in August 2012.

It’s worth remembering that tough decisions could be needed in the future, which the Board might decide should be made on the basis of members’ long term loyalty. A recent example of such a decision was how to distribute the reduced allocation of tickets for the away game against Brighton in the 2nd round of the FA Cup. Future decisions, particularly the allocation of tickets for important games, might require us to look back on past seasons’ memberships, to ensure long term co-owners would not be disadvantaged by a sudden influx of new co-owners. Therefore, any co-owners who haven’t got around to joining as a member this season might like to ensure they do so as soon as possible.

The Membership Stall will be in its usual place at Gigg Lane today or you can join by several other methods

How to Join
Membership is £12 a year for adults or £3 for juniors under 16 and it’s easy to pay:

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First Posted ~ 05:39 Sat 9 Apr 2011
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