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DF Gala Dinner - Volunteers Ballot

We have a total of 250 tickets available for the DF Gala Dinner. We have put a limited number of tickets aside (TBC but probably no more than 20) which will be allocated via a random ballot to FC United volunteers. Those who are successful in the ballot would be required to pay £35 to cover the cost of their meal and it would be appreciated (but not compulsory) if a contribution could be made to the raffle on the night.

On the understanding that this would be ok, anyone who is registered or known as an FC United volunteer is invited to email developmentfund@fc-utd.co.uk with their name, contact number and volunteer role at the club. Anyone volunteer who does not have access to email can call the club’s office and ask that their details are forwarded to the same email address above.

Anyone applying can do so for themselves and one other FC United volunteer (so that you’re not sat on your own). The closing date for anyone interested is 5pm on March 11th. We will notify successful people by 5pm on March 18th via email or phone for anyone applying in writing. Sorry for the Arthur Chubb nature of this but it was deemed the fairest way to allocate these tickets by the DF steering group.

Please note that anyone submitting their details who has already paid or has agreed to pay the full price for a ticket and who is then successful in this ballot will be offered a refund equivalent to the full price minus £35.

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First Posted ~ 22:19 Mon 7 Mar 2011
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Last Updated ~ 22:19 Mon 7 Mar 2011