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CYCM: Goes down really well...

FC United of Manchester play someone tomorrow. CYCM has nice turns on. That’s the way the world is. Unfortunately, I’m still under the influence of last night’s proceedings as I’m on the typewriter. Loads of us were at the Winter Ales Festival.

The Red Squirrel was up and in our face. I love that stuff, I could just dive in and lap up the world’s supply. Whatever the shape of the cup/vessel the Red Squirrel comes in, be that a half pint that you can spin around in your hand or the fuller pint that takes some turning in with, it’s just a pleasure. The look of it before you go in is never let down by the actual presence when you’re in there. Absolutely perfect, it’s no wonder I’m such an ardent admirer. Get yourself to the Festival after tomorrow’s game.

This is Course You Can Malcolm’s fourth or fifth year so you know you’re in for a variety of all things nice. However, there’ll be nothing this week from the Norwegian Chef as ‘Barely Legal’ his Scandinavian girlfriend is over so he’s off doing things that Scandinavians do rather than getting his big chef’s chopper out for you. I won’t be at the game or the Festival as it’s my Mam’s birthday and we’re taking her out. You all have yourselves a great time doing that ‘Togethering, as alwaysying, to the next three pointsying’ thing…

Spirit, patience, gentlenessly yours

The CYCM Oddies.

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First Posted ~ 12:10 Fri 21 Jan 2011
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Last Updated ~ 12:10 Fri 21 Jan 2011