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A Big Thank You

The general consensus across the media and amongst those attending last night was one of admiration for what we have achieved as a football club. Losing football games is never pleasant but we can have immense pride in what we have done, not just this season but in the hard work and graft of the last five.

There is a long list of thank yous beginning with the members of this football club who not only believe that there is a ‘Better Way for Football’ but are willing to do something about it. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bury Football Club for their accommodation of our spikey and unfamiliar approach to things, without their help and tireless efforts last night’s game would never have happened. As fans who rail against the excesses of TV broadcasting we tip our cap in respect to ESPN and their excellent coverage, professionalism and serious treatment of the issues we believe in; no lazy ‘you must dream of Man U in the third round’ but well researched and respectful reporting showing how football and TV can co-exist to the benefit of both parties.

Our club is run by a tiny group of staff who are fortunate to be supported by a vast army of dedicated volunteers who put their own work and lives aside to make sure the club exists for everyone, thank you, you should all feel proud this morning at your efforts.

Karl Marginson ‘gets it’. His quiet respectful approach has won us many friends. He deals with the demands of fans and the media with a patience and professionalism that is widely appreciated. The coaching staff and the players have shown a determination and a passion on the pitch only surpassed by an atmosphere of non-stop singing and encouragement that leaves a deep impression on all those who witness it. Weather permitting we get back to the league campaign on Saturday but every member and supporter should take a moment to reflect on what we have established – we were given no hope of survival past our first Christmas; we were told it could not be done and have been variously dismissed as ‘idealists’, ‘attention seekers’ or ‘splitters’.

As Karen would say ‘we have only just begun’. Imagine what we might achieve if we had a home of our own?

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First Posted ~ 13:58 Thu 9 Dec 2010
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Last Updated ~ 13:58 Thu 9 Dec 2010