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CYCM: Nobody likes warm beer

It may be getting cold outside but the selection of fine ales, ciders and soft drinks at Course You Can Malcolm will be getting unseasonably warm and horrible unless our wonderful club can find someone generous enough to donate a fridge or a freezer.

The CYCM freezer froze for the final time on Saturday around about the same time Liam Frost was doing a storming set for freemans. It’s feasible that one of Murrjy’s Margentiferous jokes sent it over the edge and into meltdown but we couldn’t possibly comment. Whatever the reason, we need somewhere new to keep the drinks at a drinkabley chilled temperature.

CYCM will be back on Saturday 11 December when we host Hucknall Town so please help us to find a fridge or freezer by then, otherwise we might all have to drink pre-match mulled wine. It’ll be homely and festive but the choice of a nice cold drink is always appreciated.

If you know of any form of cooling cupboard that’s not being put to good use, please contact the club on office@fc-utd.co.uk or by ringing 0161 273 8950.

There’s a lonely, forgotten fridge somewhere out there with a new calling in life. Let’s invite it in from out of the cold for everyone to appreciate its cool as a cucumber characteristics.

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First Posted ~ 17:37 Mon 22 Nov 2010
News ID ~ 3243
Last Updated ~ 17:37 Mon 22 Nov 2010