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No Apologies...

...for either the timing or the content of this piece.

Together we need to make this happen. Please read on.
At our recent AGM Andy Walsh and the Board stressed the importance of supporters backing the Club’s Community Shares Scheme (CSS). The CSS is a critical element of funding for the proposed stadium and facilities at Ten Acres Lane. The success of the CSS dictates if, how and when we can get to Newton Heath. We are a third of the way there with £500,000 raised so far through the CSS but we still have a long way to go.

Despite the attention given to our FA Cup heroics at Spotland on Friday and the inevitable fuss that will surround our game at either Woking or Brighton, the CSS remains the single most important thing that FC United is doing at the moment. Our Club’s future is at Ten Acres Lane, Newton Heath and we need each and every one of you to help Make It So.

Please read the following carefully and do what you can to help us get there.

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT: Enterprise Investment Scheme – Provisional Assurance Obtained

FC United has obtained provisional assurance from HMRC that the issue of its shares to the members will qualify for EIS reliefs. These reliefs include:

a.) a deduction from income tax payable in the tax year in which the shares were issued of 20% of the amount paid for the shares*;

b.) no capital gains tax on the disposal of the shares; and

c.) any loss arising from the disposal of the shares can be set off against any income or capital gains. This means that those who buy £500+ worth of shares in the scheme can claim 20% of this against their tax liability. So if you put in £1000 you could receive £200 back against your tax. It also means that there is a significant financial benefit to investing in the scheme - equivalent to about 6.5% per year for 3 years. this is in addition to the social returns that the Ten Acres Lane development will bring as well as helping secure FC United’s future.

* The reliefs are dependent on various conditions, including the company continuing to carry on qualifying activities for the period of three years from the issue of the shares, the shares not being sold for three years from the date of issue, the individual not being connected with the company and the individual being liable to the payment of UK tax. The availability of the relief is also dependent on current legislation and Revenue practice which may change. Therefore, the company cannot guarantee the availability of any of the above tax reliefs. Any subscriber of shares who is in doubt about his or her tax treatment should seek appropriate professional advice.

How can you help make Ten Acres Lane happen?

"You are FC United’s best sales people"

No one knows what we’re about more than our members and season ticket holders. You follow FC United because you believe in what we stand for and you share hopes for building a football ground in Newton Heath. You believe in FC United making a huge difference in a deprived area of our great city.

If every one of our 1,870 adult members put in the minimum investment of £200 and found someone else to put in £200 then that would generate FC United £748,000 in Community Shares investment.

We know that people everywhere are under a lot of financial pressure at the moment. All we are asking is that you invest what you can afford.

Add that to the £500,000 that’s been invested / pledged so far and we’re not too far short of our target. So come on, please do your bit.

Please go out and tell people about what we’re doing. Go and speak to friends and relatives about how they can invest in the future of Newton Heath and the future of FC United. The chances are that almost every one of you knows someone who is willing to support FC United’s move to Newton Heath, even if it means investing the £200 minimum. It’s not about how much people can invest, just that they can invest.
There will be some of you out there who know someone with a couple of thousand in a building society account, or a wealthy boss or someone with a few hundred quid in a shoe box under their bed. Have a word. Every pound invested gets us a step closer to home.

Remember the Key Points:

Send in your outstanding applications now!

A show of hands at the AGM indicated that about half of the 300 or so people in attendance had not yet returned their CSS application but fully intended to do so. If you are one of those people or if you weren’t at the meeting and have simply not got round to it then we need you to return your application as soon as possible.

Forms can be downloaded here: www.fc-utd.co.uk/communityshares by clicking on the icons on the right of the page. The offer document is also available to download.

Don’t do it tomorrow or next week. Do it today. Please.

Have you pledged yet? Get in touch now!

The club opened up a pledge register in the run up to the formal CSS offer being issues. This generated in the region of £400,000 worth of pledges. We are confident that there are a lot of FC United supporters out there who are yet to get in touch to express an interest in investing.

If you are one of those people then we need to hear from you. We need to know if you’re investing and how much. Please email office@fc-utd.co.uk and let us know how much you can put in and when. It is crucial we have an idea of who’s investing and how much they can invest.

And when you have emailed us then go and fill out your application form which can be downloaded here: www.fc-utd.co.uk/communityshares

Pay in Instalments

The Club has the facility to offer payment in instalments to supporters who wish to invest but who may need time to raise the necessary funds. If you are keen to invest and want to discuss this facility in more detail then please get in touch now via emailing office@fc-utd.co.uk or by calling the FC United office on 0161 273 8950

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