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CYCM: Gideon Conn is on...


12pm Open. Beer, food, jollities, ribald refrains, possible gaseous emissions.

1pm Gideon Conn for a Roca sized set.

1.45ish Margentiferous.

2pm The return of Gideon Conn for his second Carlos’ing.

2.30 This team is sheet.

12 – 3pm Do the Rustle.

3pm The love that dare speak its name… Recreate the Quorn’s Ancient Barrow game and bounce our way to Ten Acres…

FC United of Manchester play Colwyn Fae in the FA Trophy this Saturday at 3pm. That’s a fine time to play football at. Just before that game Course You Can Malcolm is made-upperteez to present Gideon Conn. The Manchester Road End is not open so all Reds can come in. That’s the way arr ha arr ha we like it. Gideon is the first turn that CYCM has invited back for the second time. He played three years ago and to many Reds it is still their favourite gig. He really did turn the unsuspecting audience around with his beautiful, Mancunian, caring slant on a loving world. He’s also woof-bark-donkey funny. Contagious.

His newly released, critically acclaimed album ‘New bop sounds’ was launched in front of a rammed, sweatingly adoring Band on the Wall crowd recently. Many Reds were there paying a bargain tenner to get in. On Saturday it’s freemans. Gideon, because he’s a good man, has agreed to play two diddy sets. The first one will be before one o’clock. This gives time for people to spread their queuing for Rochdale tickets. Plonk in his name on the net if you don’t know him, listen to ‘Pylons and wires’ and be prepared to sing along to another of Manchester’s long standing little secrets. We will be. If the Club General Secretary does manage to sneak in – for she adores Gideon- then don’t stand near her as her voice could peel a potato. And not a nice new Jersey one but an old knobbly Maris Piper one that’s gone well spongy after falling out of the spud bag and rolling to the back of the dark cupboard last year.

Either side of Gideon will be ‘Do the Rustle’ our new antidote to the swingeing tory cuts and, as ever, Twomowers’s ‘This team is sheet.’ Murrjy will be doing his two joke ‘Margentiferous’ spot as usual. If you haven’t seen any of the above then your life is poorer for it. They are three Mancunians who really do deserve three stars on their shirt. I have to confess that I told people Murrjy’s ‘knocked down cat’ joke after hearing it. Oh the shame. I still booed the bleeder obviously. It’s going to be even harder this time booing him after what he’s done for us – but we will. And he wouldn’t want it any other way. Boo long, loud and hard because it’s the only chance you will ever get without incurring the righteous wrath of those around you. This Murrjy of ours.

Blaine informs us that the local-to-the-team-we’re-playing guest real ale is…

“Conway Brewery’s Celebration Ale/ Cwrw Gwledd. ABV 4.2. Amber in colour, with an explosion of hops. The elderflower aromas are impressive with sweetish malt and more hops coming through in a satisfying finish. £3 per 500ml bottle.”

Blaine remains single as many of you will have already guessed. We’re going to have to go to Tib Street to buy him an emergency blow up girlfriend if this carries on as he may well just go off in the crowd. I’m sure we’d get fined by the FA.

Open at twelve. If you get there earlier you can help us put the flags up.

Spirit, patience, gentlenessly yours

The CYCM Odd Carriers

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