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2,000 Up

This week we’ve passed our first target of the season of 2,000 adult and junior Members, which is pretty amazing, especially as Membership is currently suspended until after the AGM.

At the close of Membership on 4 October 2010, we had 1,950 Members, but applications have continued to come in and there are now over 50 waiting to be added after the AGM on 31 October 2010, hence we’ve almost broken our target of 2,000 adult Members.

This is a fantastic achievement so early in the season. Each year we aim for at least 2,000 co-owners and always reach that magic figure, but not usually so quickly (currently adult memberships are nearly 300 more than this time last year).

We are currently just 250 adult Members off reaching the 2,000 mark. It looks as though our message is spreading, and more people want to join us in this thing of ours. The figure includes a number of people who are new Members for this season, either because they want to be involved with the proposed development at Ten Acres Lane or because they wish to buy Community Shares in FC United.

How about setting ourselves a new target of 2,500 co-owners by the end of the season? This may sound like a large target, however if only one in three of us can persuade one more person to join up or renew their Membership then we will hit that target. And just imagine what we could achieve if we could all persuade one more person to join up…

If you’d like to join us and be involved in the future of FC United, have a say in the plans for Ten Acres Lane or buy Community Shares in the Club, then you can do so by using one of the following, simple steps.

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First Posted ~ 12:31 Fri 22 Oct 2010
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Last Updated ~ 12:31 Fri 22 Oct 2010