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A Great Day Out

Thank you to everybody who turned out for the Manchester FC Minithon which proved to be a great day out, and the best event yet with 150 FC, Rochdale Hornets and Mancunians RL supporters and players swarming through Chorlton Meadows.

With just over £10,000 now raised or pledged for FC and Frost Foundation, we will need to get in every penny pledged, to secure our club financial targets and you will find that it’s still not too late to get additional sponsors for your efforts going around Chorlton Meadows.

A Big Thanks also goes to our Foreign Legions who participated in London, Brighton, Dubai, Los Angeles, Boston and Sidney.

In Manchester, coach, Roy Soule, put the participants through a warm up exercise before the start of the Minithon. Afterwards, manager, Margy, awarded the Best Dressed Branch prize to Trafford, whilst the Stockport 808 Scousers won the Best Headgear award. Amy Winehouse won Best Dressed Female, which the Frampton Roariing Twenties Girls insisted they would have won if they hadn’t turned up late. Best Dressed Male was Mustapha

Joshua Lowe was first home in a world record FC 5k Minithon time of 17 minutes and 56 seconds, whilst Carlos Roca (20:42) in 5th, was the fastest player. Young Michael Burtonwood (22:09) in 6th, won the fastest male junior for the 2nd year running Brigid Corrigan (27:02) won the fastest female and Rebecca Wolfenden (29:39) was fastest female junior. Nick Wolfenden and dog, Ole, scorched the course to secure a Minithon record (24.40) for fastest dog and owner.

The afterrun social was also the best ever, with musician, John Reynolds, opening and playing out the event. Early Doors, James Quinn, performed some of his comedy poetry and youth theatre group, MAD Theatre, put on an amusing psychic sketch.

In Morden, AFC Wimbledon had 80 supporters and playing staff on their Minithon. They read out a cheeky message from Margey and sent their thanks to FC United for getting them involved.

Meanwhile Vinny Thompson (£785) looks like he will win this year’s bragging rights for the most moneys raised, whilst in the battle for 4th place, Sam Mullock (476) is clinging on against the rampaging Walshey (475). Lindsey Robertson (237) will secure leading lady for the first time, while FCUM YOOF (208) have made a commendable contribution. Margy leads the players as a manager should.

Are you on the leaderboard?

Viinny Thompson 785
Los Angeles Minithon 680
Trafford Branch 526
Sam Mullock 476
Andy Walsh 475
Callum/ Martin Morris 345
Jonathan Kendal 320
George Hayden 280
The Woolys and Simmo 245
Lindsey Robertson 237
Dan le Billon 220
Phil Sheeran 230
Sean Gallimore 215
Stuart Craig 211
John Stacey 209
Mark Freeley 198
Michael Burtonwood 180
Edward Noone 175
Scott Fletcher 175
The Leck Family 165
Joy Whelan 154
Stockport Supporters Branch 128
John Roberts 125
Paul Crean 123
Ben Hughes 120
Tom Stott 110
Colm Lambert 108
Samantha Coates 106
The Frampton Girls 105
Sylvia Davies 100
Steve Pagnum 100
Adam Brown 100

Players Leaderboard
Margy 103
Rob Nugent 70
Martin Parker 52
Roy Soule 35
Carlos Roca 30
Sam Ashton 30
Mike Norton 30

The FC United Minithon is supported by the Co-operative Membership

And you can still back these fans and players on the Stroll of Honour?

Andy Walsh http://www.justgiving.com/AndyWalshFC
Michael Burtonwood http://www.justgiving.com/MichaelBurtonwood
George Hayden http://www.justgiving.com/George-Hayden
Sam Mullock http://www.justgiving.com/Sam-Mullock
John Stacey http://www.justgiving.com/John-Stacey
Jack Veevers http://www.justgiving.com/Jack-Veevers
Paul Crean http://www.justgiving.com/Paul-the-rocket-Crean
Stuart Craig http://www.justgiving.com/stuart-craig
Stephen Welch http://www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Welch
Guy Mansfield and Lewis Mattison http://www.justgiving.com/gmansfield
John England http://www.justgiving.com/John-England0
Vinny Thompson http://www.justgiving.com/vinny-thompson
Edward Noone http://www.justgiving.com/ed-noone
Christine Materna http://www.justgiving.com/Christine-Materna
Mary Rayner http://www.justgiving.com/Mary-Rayner
Scott Fletcher http://www.justgiving.com/ScottMini2010
Mark Van Spall http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Van-Spall
Colm Lambert http://www.justgiving.com/ColmLambert
Frank Mcelherron http://www.justgiving.com/frank-mcelherron0
John Roberts http://www.justgiving.com/John-ROBERTS3
Los Angeles Minithon http://www.justgiving.com/losangeles
Martin & Callum Morris http://www.justgiving.com/martin-and-callummorris
Andrew Brennan http://www.justgiving.com/andrew-brennan0
The Marshals http://www.justgiving.com/FCMarshals
Tom Stott http://www.justgiving.com/TommyStott
Lindsey Robertson http://www.justgiving.com/Lindsey-Robertson
Steve Pagnam http://www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Pagnam
Lucy Pendlebury http://www.justgiving.com/Lucy-Pendlebury
Sean Gallimore http://www.justgiving.com/Sean-Gallimore
FCUM YOOF http://www.justgiving.com/FCUM-YOOF
Joe Kidd and Thomas McEldowney http://www.justgiving.com/thomas-mceldowney0
Ben Hughes n Marv http://www.justgiving.com/Ben-FCUMRadio
Trafford Branch http://www.justgiving.com/TraffordBranch
The Woolys & Simmo http://www.justgiving.com/DAVID-WOOLSTENCROFT
Alan Hargrave http://www.justgiving.com/Alan-Hargrave-2010
Sylvia Davies http://www.justgiving.com/Sylvia-Davies0
Adam Brown
Andrew Cooper
Ann Robinson
Anne Sherwin
Brigid Corrigan
Chris Ayton
Christopher Small
Claire Robinson
Dan Le-Billon
Geoff Leck
Gerald Camp
Glyn Williams
Grace Robinson
Halle Whitehead
Helen Walker
Jo Bird
Jo Purcell
John Kelly
Jon Kelly
Jonathan Kendal
Joy Whelan
Lews Peak
Lucy Gordon
Luis Mullen
Margaret Yarr
Mary Leck
Mike Birtwistle
Paul Hinson
Paul Oldham
Paul Whitehead
Richard Aubery
Samantha Coates
Sanjai Patel
Stephen Poole
Valerie Poole
Lawrence Gill
John Kildunne
Maria Kildunne
Joshua Lowe http://www.justgiving.com/JoshuaLowe
Dan Le Billon http://www.justgiving.com/Dan-Le-Billon
The Frampton Girls http://www.justgiving.com/Frampton-Girls
Rebecca Wolfenden
Nick Wolfenden
Daniel Skade
The Gills http://www.justgiving.com/Lawrence-SamGill0
Henry Painter
Andrew Flanagan
Andy Walker
Stockport Supporters Branch http://www.justgiving.com/FC-United-Stockport-Supporters-Branch
Lee and Bay Sutton http://www.justgiving.com/Lee-Sutton
Mark Freeley http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Freeley
Phil Sheeran
Brian Pendlebury
John Barnes
Nick Duckett http://www.justgiving.com/nick-duckett0
Mike Birtwistle http://www.justgiving.com/mikebirty2010
Sam Williams http://www.justgiving.com/sgpdwilliams
Jonathan Kendal http://www.justgiving.com/Jonathan-Kendal0

Back the Players here

Karl and Helen Marginson and family http://www.justgiving.com/Marginson-and-The-Family
Roy Soule http://www.justgiving.com/Roy-Soule-2010
Margaret Soule http://www.justgiving.com/Margaret-Soule2010
Jake Cottrell http://www.justgiving.com/Jake-Cottrell2010
Glynn Hurst http://www.justgiving.com/Glynn-Hurst
Richard Battersby http://www.justgiving.com/Richard-Battersby2010
Carlos Roca http://www.justgiving.com/Carlos-Roca2010
Martin Parker http://www.justgiving.com/Martin-Parker2010
Rob Nugent http://www.justgiving.com/Rob-Nugent2010
Sam Ashton http://www.justgiving.com/Sam-Ashton2010
Nicky Platt http://www.justgiving.com/Nicky-Platt2010
Mike Norton http://www.justgiving.com/Mike-Norton-2010
Zach Hibbert http://www.justgiving.com/Scott-McManus-2010
Scott McManus http://www.justgiving.com/Zach-Hibbert-2010

More information and materials available at minithon2010docs

The FC United Minithon is supported by the Co-operative Membership.

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