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I bet you any money...

... that you have about £2 in your house and car in one and two pennies. It’s sat in a draw or in the ashtray of your car.

You’ll never do anything with it because it’s not worth driving to the bank or supermarket to change it. You don’t want to carry it around and even if you did you don’t really want to stand in shops counting it out.

We know you, you’re not cruel enough to make our ’Pound for the Ground’ volunteers lug it around all afternoon. But you could gather it all up, stick it in a bag and drop it in the Development Fund barrels before tomorrow’s game against Retford at Gigg Lane.

Yes, you’ll have that horrible metallic smell on your hands for a day or so but think about all the room you’ll be creating in your house or car and, more importantly than that, think about our very own football ground being built in Newton Heath. If you can, help us get there. The barrels are situated around Gigg Lane at every home game. Cheers.

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First Posted ~ 12:38 Fri 27 Aug 2010
News ID ~ 3059
Last Updated ~ 11:56 Mon 21 May 2018