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PFA boss to speak at supporters' event in Manchester

Gordon Taylor of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) will be speaking at a question and answers session organised by the Football Supporters’ Federation at the City of Manchester Stadium on Thursday 9th September from 7pm onwards.

The event is open to all and it is being billed as your chance to question one of the most influential men in domestic football.

The FSF website says: As Chief Executive of the PFA, Taylor heads a formidable organisation encompassing 4,000 members from every professional club in England and Wales, including some of the richest young men in Britain. How should this influence the work done by the PFA?

As an organisation whose most prominent members are cultural icons earning multi-millions every year, does the PFA have more responsibilities than the average union? Does it successfully tackle this through its work in anti-racism, charity, and community initiatives? Can this repair the oft-cited damaged bond between fan and player? Do players have a responsibility to act as role models for young fans or is this too much of a burden to bear for young men who are often still teenagers themselves?

While fans often complain of the enormous wages earned by top players do we too easily forget that many in the lower-leagues and semi-professional game earn nowhere near this? Are they actually being exploited by the number of games they have to play and the toll this takes on their body? What role should clubs play in supporting players after retirement? Whether that happens at 18 or 38 many ex-pros argue that they’re all too easily booted out and forgotten about once their career ends. Is this something fans should be concerned about?

On the terraces, while we can never rest on our laurels, the battle against racism has largely been won and the fight against homophobia is ongoing too. Do players have a responsibility to speak up and tackle homophobia? Is discrimination still an issue inside the confines of the dressing room? Should what goes on in the dressing room stay in the dressing room?

To hear the answers to these questions, or to ask a question yourself, get along to the City of Manchester Stadium on Thursday 9th September. The event is open to all, entirely free, and also acts as an FSF North West and North Wales Division meeting.

FC United is affiliated to the FSF and we would encourage all our supporters to become members of the federation. Join the Football Supporters’ Federation for free today by clicking this link .

If you have any queries about the above event email ian.lyon@fsf.org.uk.

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First Posted ~ 19:26 Mon 23 Aug 2010
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