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2010/11 Admission Price and Membership

The Board recommended to co-owners that the pay on the gate price for the 2010/11 season is increased by 50p to £8 for adults only. The concession price of £5 and for under 18s of £2 will remain the same. Although the Board is mindful of putting this increase on supporters, it represents a less than three per cent increase year on year since 2005. The gate price of £8 will also mean that we are still one of the cheapest clubs to watch in the league.

To support increased administration costs the Board also recommended that annual membership fees are increased to £12 for adults. The junior membership fee will remain at £3. This is the first increase in the price of membership since the club’s inception and is because of increased costs of servicing membership administration.

Voting closed at 1pm today (Wednesday 30th June 2010). The results are:

Increase in Gate Prices to £8 for adults

Accept 93%
Reject 5.3%
Abstain 1.7%

Increase in adult membership to £12

Accept 93%
Reject 6.8%
Abstain 0.2%

The Board would like to thank all those co-owners who have voted on these important issues.

Become a co-owner

Membership runs from 1 July one year until to 30 June the following year. Now that the fee is agreed at £12 adults, £3 juniors we would like to encourage all co-owners to take out their 2010-11 membership as soon as possible:

- Online through the club shop
- Contact the FC United Office by phoning 0161 273 8950 to pay by credit/debit card.
- Email Membership@fc-utd.co.uk with your details.

Please remember if you’ve bought your season ticket on line you might not have renewed your membership. Details for purchasing season tickets online or via a single form with membership can be found here

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