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FC United supports Co-operatives Fortnight

FC United is proud to support Co-operatives Fortnight which is running from Saturday 19 June to Saturday 3 July with the theme ’There IS an alternative’.

As a members-owned football club, FC United is a co-operative and we received a Co-operative Excellence Award in 2009 for our promotion of co-operative values and principles.

Since our establishment in the summer of 2005 we, as a club, have proven there is an alternative ownership model for football and we continue to campaign for greater supporter involvement and inclusion across the game.

As many supporters will already be aware, Germany leads the way where all but two of the Bundesliga’s clubs are owned at least 51% by their supporters. This is a model that could be followed in England if the supporters and co-operative movements gain enough momentum.

To mark the fortnight, the Co-operative has launched a new website www.thereisanalternative.coop as well as releasing a short video where more than 30 people give their views on what it means to be a co-operative and why it’s important.

A spokesperson for the Co-operative said: "For 14 days, up and down the country, co-operatives will be promoting their work, neighbours will be working together, businesses will be trying new things and people will be talking about the co-operative alternative.

"Co-operation is good for people, good for communities and good for business. By being more co-operative for Co-operatives Fortnight, together we can show that there is an alternative."

FC United General Manager, Andy Walsh added: "We’re proud to support Co-operatives Fortnight. Being co-operatively owned and democratically structured allows our members to fully participate in the running of the club and frees fans up to develop their own wonderful ideas and initiatives for the benefit of the club and the community."

If you’d like to find out more and show your support for the Co-operatives Fortnight, visit the website www.thereisanalternative.coop and watch the video.

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First Posted ~ 11:59 Thu 17 Jun 2010
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