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Beyond the Debt - Why Saturday's rally is important

The current problems experienced within the highest echelons of the football pyramid have long been predicted but are nonetheless a very real worry for those directly connected with these clubs and ultimately for all with even a passing interest in the beautiful game.

Many football fans are now seeing that the attempts of their club guardians to join the costly race for success regardless of what league you are in can have drastic consequences and put established clubs long entrenched within their local communities at the very real risk of extinction.

As a football fan one is constantly faced with a real juxtaposition when one considers balancing the want of success against the realties of the modern game. Agents, players, managers, fans, the tax man even all have different goals. Some more noble than others. But now more than ever a balance must be found or we will see the horror stories of the last months return on a regular basis.

Supporter Ownership, and thus by defintion FC United, attempts to offer the basis of a different model. At it’s core is the ’club’ and it’s relationship within and as an important community asset offering all who wish to be involved the opportunity to get involved.

On Saturday 27th Feb before our home game against North Ferriby United, FC United will host a supporters rally aimed at putting supporter ownership at the very centre of the debate on the future of the game.

Alongside our own speakers, guests will include Guardian journalist David Conn, representatives from Schalke FC and Supporters Direct. Two other high profile European sides have also been invited and we await their confirmation. It is also hoped that groups from English clubs affected by the escalating debt in the game, will be in attendance.

Football is at a critical juncture, with the need for clear leadership and regulation never more evident. An alternative model of how the game is structured has never been more needed with supporter ownership absolutely fundamental to that model.

FC United is part of that debate, an example of that alternative and with our guests and friends that will join us on the day we aim to make the point that supporter ownership is the only way forward.

Join us on the 27th.

12 noon at Gigg Lane Social Club - Free Entry.

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First Posted ~ 13:52 Thu 25 Feb 2010
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